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You can earn wellness points to redeem exciting and meaningful rewards online such as shopping vouchers and even a discount on your subscription. Earn a maximum of 20 points per day by:

  • Checking off a daily habit in an action plan of your choice;

  • Setting up a new goal in the Progress section; or

  • Logging data in the Progress section.

You can find the list of rewards in the Bupa4Life app.

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  1. How do I earn Bupa4Life points?
    You earn Bupa4Life points by: ticking off a healthy habit, creating a progress goal, logging data towards a progress goal or joining a special activity that offer points. Please note the Bupa4Life points you can earn are subject to annual and daily limits.

  2. How do I check if my Bupa4Life points are updated?
    You may refer to your Bupa4Life application for points updates. For different activities, it varies as to when the points will be reflected. We aim to have your points reflected on your Bupa4Life account within up to 4 weeks of completing an activity. If your Bupa4Life points are not reflected in your account, please contact us at

  3. Is there a daily maximum of points that I can earn?
    There is a maximum of 20 points which you can earn on a daily basis. This is to encourage you to continually form healthy habits.

    From time to time, we will be running special programmes which can exceed the daily limit.

  4. What happens if my Bupa4Life points are not reflected accurately?
    If you notice your Bupa4Life points are not accurately reflected, email us at We may need you to provide us with further details or supporting documentation.

  5. Can I transfer Bupa4Life points or benefits to my spouse or dependent?
    Bupa4Life points and benefits are not transferable to another person/member.
  1. How does the Bupa4Life insurance subscription discount work?
    An insurance subscription discount is redeemable through your Bupa4Life reward points. This subscription discount amount can be used towards individual schemes which are paid on an annual basis. Terms and conditions apply.

  2. Do I have to terminate my Bupa (Asia) Limited insurance scheme if I were to terminate my Bupa4Life membership?
    You do not have to terminate your Bupa (Asia) Limited insurance policy if you decide to terminate your Bupa4Life membership. However, your scheme will no longer be entitled to Bupa4Life-related insurance subscription discounts and rewards 30 days after you inform us of your desire to terminate your Bupa4Life membership.

  3. How do I know if my insurance scheme is eligible for a subscription discount?
    As a Bupa4Life member, you can earn rewards and redeem a discount towards the annual subscription payment of your individual scheme.

  4. How do I know what discount is applied to my insurance scheme renewal subscription if I am a Bupa4Life member?
    Your subscription discount will be based on your redemption 6 weeks prior to the end of the contract year. However, your contract renewal pack is sent to you more than 6 weeks prior to the end of your contract year, which may not reflect the final redemption.

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