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Bupa Herb Café

Hong Kong,04 Dec 2012

Eating too much food that is high in salt and sugar can lead to diseases such as high blood pressure, stomach cancer, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and increased risk of obesity. According to data from the World Cancer Research Fund (Hong Kong), 14 percent of stomach cancer cases can be prevented simply by reducing our daily intake of salt by one teaspoon. 

To spread the message of healthy eating for better health, Bupa established the mobile Bupa Herb Café and invited Hong Kong’s celebrity chef Jacky Yu (Xi Yan) and popular patissier Tony Wong to specially create various low-salt and low-sugar recipes using natural herbs as a replacement. For every dish given out, Bupa will donate $5 to World Cancer Research Fund (Hong Kong) to support their cancer research and education programmes. 

The opening ceremony for the Bupa Herb Café was held on 26 November. Ms Ann Coughlan, Managing Director of Bupa Hong Kong and Ms Karen Sadler, Development Director (Asia), World Cancer Research Fund (Hong Kong), together with Jacky Yu and Tony Wong, attended the ceremony and launched the event. 

“In the past 65 years, we have been dedicated to helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives through our healthcare expertise. The rise in the incidence of serious illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular disease is a worrying trend. Through our Bupa Herb Café event, we hope to promote healthier diets by encouraging the use of herbs to replace salt and sugar to prevent high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stomach cancer and other serious illnesses”, said Ms Ann Coughlan, Managing Director of Bupa Hong Kong.

To let the public sample these herb dishes, the mobile Bupa Herb Café visited various districts in Hong Kong to distribute 5,000 portions of these dishes for free from 26 November to 2 December. Members of the public simply had to “like” the Bupa Hong Kong Facebook page ( to enjoy the delicious herb dishes for free. 

Jacky Yu’s Healthy Herb Dish:
Shrimps with basil and cordycep flowers
Cordycep flowers are high in nutritional value and refreshing in taste. Paired with aromatic basil and shrimps, this dish uses 30% less salt but remains rich in taste and flavour. 

Tony Wong’s Healthy Herb Desserts:
Chocolate mint mousse cake
The sweet aroma of apricots goes well with the distinctive fragrance of rosemary, making this cake a must-try! Moreover, this cake is a healthy option as the use of fruits and herbs reduces the sugar content by 18%.

This cake uses low-sugar chocolate and fresh mint to create a taste that is refreshing and not overly rich. Topped with mixed berries, the dish is both healthy and delicious.   

Bupa Herb Café Parking Locations 

26 Oct(Mon)


Causeway Bay

27 Oct(Tue)


Mong Kok

28 Nov(Wed)


Quarry Bay

29 Nov(Thu)



30 Nov(Fri)


Quarry Bay
Kwun Tong

1 Dec(Sat)


Causeway Bay

2 Dec(Sun)


Tsim Sha Tsui


Win a sumptuous private dining banquet at Xi Yan Hong Kong
As part of the Bupa Herb Cafe event, Bupa Hong Kong also launched the “Most Appetising Recipe” contest on Facebook. From 28 November to 17 December, members of the public can vote for their favourite herb recipe designed by Jacky Yu for a chance to win a sumptuous private dining banquet for 12 people at Xi Yan Hong Kong worth $6500. 

Bupa Hong Kong supports the Seeds of Hope charity sale
Apart from the Bupa Herb Café event to promote healthier diets by using herbs to replace salt and sugar, Bupa Hong Kong also supports World Cancer Research Fund’s “Seeds of Hope” charity sale this Christmas. Purchase “Seeds of Hope” herbal seed packs to grow your own herbs at home, or give them away to your family and friends as a meaningful Christmas present. You can support a worthwhile cause and spread the message of healthy eating at the same time! More details are available here: