Bupa Hero VHIS Plan

【Enrolment offer】Apply on or before 20 January 2023 to get discounts worth up to 100% of first-year premiums!
  • Annual benefit limit up to HK$40 million per year with maximum HK$8,000 in premiums eligible for tax deduction
  • Full cover for all eligible cancer surgery expenses and treatments (e.g. chemotherapy or targeted therapy) and other serious and common illnesses (e.g. stroke, kidney failure, cataract) surgery expenses, treatments received in Asia, Australia and New Zealand or worldwide excluding the United States
  • Supplementary Critical Illness Benefit covers up to 98% of critical illnesses , including cancer, heart attack and stroke. It provides coverage for your living expenses up to HK$3,300,000 to support your lifestyle and family budget .
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  • Apply on or before 20 January 2023 to get discounts worth up to 100% of first-year premiums!
  • No lifetime benefit limit and coverage will be automatically renewed each year
  • Full cover for all related outpatient expenses within 90 days before or 365 days after confinement (e.g. physiotherapy, follow-up consultations)
  • 4 deductible options are available, allowing you to easily enjoy up to HK$40 million benefit limit per year
  • Deductible for related treatments will be waived (if any) if you’re diagnosed with cancer
  • Cashless service with your Bupa medical card for hospitalisation and other medical services at designated service providers (e.g. hospitals and diagnostic centres), so you won’t need to submit any claims; other claims will be normally settled within 5-7 working days after receiving full documentation
  • By selecting from our many optional benefits , you can tailor your policy to better protect your health and wellbeing
  • Medical check-up every policy year for better prevention
  • Eligible for tax deduction on up to HK$8,000 in premiums annually
  • Eligible to enrol up to age 80 years old and guaranteed lifelong renewal

  • First Mental Health Clinical Network in Hong Kong
  • 24-hour Mental Health Service Hotline operated by qualified and experienced counsellors and clinical psychologists offering free emotional support
  • Face-to-face counselling services in strict confidence can also be arranged if needed
  • Certified Plan provides full cover on inpatient psychiatric treatments in your chosen area of cover
  • Optional Clinical benefits include outpatient psychiatric-related treatments and psychological counselling for treatments on psychiatric and psychological conditions (e.g., depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, early psychosis, senile dementia and Parkinson’s disease)

  • Optional Clinical Benefit offers full cover on eligible expenses such as GPs, specialists, physiotherapists, Chinese herbalists, Chinese bonesetters and psychiatric-related treatments etc.
  • 【Newly Launched】Video consultation services allow eligible members to consult selected general practitioners comfortably and safely at home, with door-to-door medication, referral letter and sick leave certificate delivery. Medication delivery charge will also be waived during the special protection period.
  • Extra vaccination (e.g. hepatitis B, measles, influenza) benefits
  • Optional Dental Benefit covers scaling & polishing, fillings & extractions, periodontal surgery etc and Optical Benefit covers fees for consultations, eye checks and optical correction device
  • Optional Maternity Benefit covers obstetrician's fees, hospitalisation charges, prenatal and postnatal check-up costs and nursery care for a newborn baby during hospital confinement

  • Provides worldwide coverage for up to 98% of all serious critical illnesses , including 80 major critical illnesses (such as cancer, heart attack, stroke) and 5 early stage critical illnesses (such as coronary artery disease requiring angioplasty ).
  • This benefit offers triple protection for up to 3 separate conditions at different times throughout your life—Major Critical Illness Benefit, Early Stage
  • Critical Illness Benefit and Additional Cancer Benefit , with a lifetime benefit amount up to HK$3,300,000 in aggregate .
  • Covers an additional cancer claim if you're diagnosed with cancer (including recurrence or distant metastasis) after the major critical illness has been paid.
  • In Bupa’s new Cancer Care Programme, our qualified nurses and health management professionals will provide personalised follow-up throughout your cancer journey, emotional support and a variety of health information such as cancer care and dietary tips.

  • Cover medical expenses for unknown pre-existing conditions and congenital condition(s) with symptoms appearing or diagnosed from age 8
  • Cover hospital expenses (e.g. specialist's, surgeon's, anaesthetist's fees)
  • Cover surgeries performed in a clinic or day-case unit of a hospital (e.g. wound sutures, plaster casts and endoscopies)
  • Cover prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments (e.g. radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy)
  • Cover prescribed diagnostic imaging tests (e.g. MRI and CT scans)
  • No medical examination required for enrolment
  • 21-day cooling-off period
  • Regardless of your claims history, no extra individual charges will be applied
  • Our customer helpdesk and WhatsApp Chatbot provides 24-hour live support to answer queries related to your Policy

  • A team of qualified nurses and health management professionals provide 24-hour live guidance on your health-related queries, with the support of doctors
  • Second medical opinion from a panel of medical specialists can be arranged if you're suffering from a serious illness
  • Other services include providing healthcare centre choices, Chronic Conditions Programme, a Care Manager to follow up on your claims and support you throughout your treatment and recovery
  • Non-emergency global healthcare support can help you find a doctor or make an appointment with your preferred healthcare service providers

    Global healthcare specialist

  • Bupa began in the UK in 1947. We are a leading international healthcare organisation with over 70 years of experience.
  • Apart from providing health insurance, we run clinics, hospitals, dental centres care homes, and more in many countries like the UK, Australia and Spain. Our focus in healthcare funding and services explains why we have the expertise and resources to provide you with smart and suitable solutions in healthcare.
  • Trusted brand

  • Health insurance provider to Hong Kong’s 19,000 civil servants for more than 20 years running.
  • We’ve gained the trust of more than 400,000 individuals, 3,200 companies.
  • Almost half of our customers have been Bupa members for 3 years and more.
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    [Together] If you want to share the benefit with your loved ones
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    [HealthNet] Medical insurance plan with eligible full cover clinical benefit
    Certified VHIS plan:
    [MyFlexi VHIS] Certified Standard Plan with enhanced coverage
    [Bupa MyBasic VHIS] Certified Standard Plan
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