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The information is provided by Bupa (Asia) Limited and is for reference only. Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (“Zurich”) is not the underwriter of Bupa Hero VHIS Plan and is not involved in providing the Promotion Offer, therefore it shall not be liable in any way with respect to the Bupa Hero VHIS Plan or the Promotion Offer. Zurich is not a licensed insurance agent of Bupa, nor does it represent Bupa for the distribution of its products. Any act of Zurich does not constitute and should not be construed as an offer, solicitation, or recommendation to provide, sell, or persuade the purchase of any products of Bupa.
Bupa Hero VHIS Plan
  • Extra HK$300 supermarket e-voucher1
  • Generous cover in Asia, Australia and New Zealand or worldwide excluding the United States 2,3
  • Full cover for eligible expenses up to HK$40 million per year 4
  • 4 deductible options to lower your premium5
  • Deductible for related treatments will be waived (if any) if you’re diagnosed with cancer
  • Eligible for tax deduction on up to HK$8,000 in premiums annually6
  • Enhanced cover including unknown pre-existing conditions after your policy take effect (subject to the policy’s General Exclusions)
  • Up to 15% lifetime family discount7
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    Global healthcare specialist

  • Bupa began in the UK in 1947. We are a leading international healthcare organisation with over 70 years of experience.
  • Apart from providing health insurance, we run clinics, hospitals, dental centres care homes, and more in many countries like the UK, Australia and Spain. Our focus in healthcare funding and services explains why we have the expertise and resources to provide you with smart and suitable solutions in healthcare.
  • Trusted brand

  • Health insurance provider to Hong Kong’s 10,000 civil servants for more than 20 years running.
  • We’ve gained the trust of more than 400,000 individuals, 3,200 companies.
  • Almost half of our customers have been Bupa members for 3 years and more.
  • The health insurance schemes detailed on this webpage are underwritten by Bupa (Asia) Limited. Bupa (Asia) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Hong Kong Insurance Authority to carry out general insurance business in the HKSAR. All terms and benefits are subject to the Policy. Please refer to the Policy for details.

    Notes, Terms and conditions

    Bupa Hero VHIS Plan Certification Number:

    • Advance – HK$0 Deductible : F00040-01-000-03
    • Advance – HK$12,000 Deductible: F00040-02-000-03
    • Advance – HK$40,000 Deductible: F00040-03-000-03
    • Advance – HK$80,000 Deductible: F00040-04-000-03
    • Deluxe-HK$0 Deductible : F00040-05-000-03
    • Deluxe-HK$12,000 Deductible : F00040-06-000-03
    • Deluxe-HK$40,000 Deductible : F00040-07-000-03
    • Deluxe -HK$80,000 Deductible : F00040-08-000-03
    • Advance Pro-HK$0 Deductible : F00040-09-000-01
    • Advance Pro-HK$12,000 Deductible : F00040-10-000-01
    • Advance Pro-HK$40,000 Deductible : F00040-11-000-01
    • Advance Pro-HK$80,000 Deductible : F00040-12-000-01
    • Deluxe Pro-HK$0 Deductible : F00040-13-000-01
    • Deluxe Pro-HK$12,000 Deductible : F00040-14-000-01
    • Deluxe Pro-HK$40,000 Deductible : F00040-15-000-01
    • Deluxe Pro-HK$80,000 Deductible : F00040-16-000-01
    The above summary is the plan overview, for details and the terms and conditions, please refer to Bupa’s website and your policy. 。


    1. During the Promotion Period, HK$300 supermarket e-voucher will be offered to selected customers who have successfully enrolled Bupa Hero VHIS Plan with the net annual premium amount in the first year is HK$3,000 or above. Please refer to the relevant terms and conditions for details.
    2. Asia, Australia and New Zealand means Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, mainland China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.
    3. For eligible expenses under the certified plan but incurred outside your chosen area of cover, benefits shall only be payable according to the VHIS Standard Plan Terms and Benefits. Please refer to your Policy for details.
    4. Full cover is only applicable to selected items under Summary of Benefits and subject to the annual benefit limit, deductible and restricted ward class set out in the Summary of Benefits.
    5. Deductible options include HK$0, HK$12,000, HK$40,000 and HK$80,000. A deductible is the amount of eligible expenses that you must pay each year. Bupa will cover the remaining amount up to the benefit limit. The deductible won’t apply to the Medical Check-up Benefit and optional benefits.
    6. Any Hong Kong taxpayer who has purchased an eligible health insurance plan (certified by the Health Bureau as VHIS) can claim a tax deduction on qualifying premiums up to HK$8,000 per insured person each year. These persons must be included in the list of “specified relatives” in Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap.112) (which may change from time to time). You can claim the deduction in the same tax year when the premium was paid. The deduction is available for certified plans, but not any other optional benefits, with policy effective date of 1 April 2019 or later. There is no limit on the number of insured persons and/or policies claimed by each taxpayer. Policies purchased for a domestic partner, grandchild(ren) or domestic partner’s parents/children are not eligible for tax deduction. For details about tax deduction, please visit
    7. Family discount will be applied to the standard premium and premium loading of the certified plan only, but not any other optional benefits under the Bupa Hero VHIS Plan. The discount will be valid as long as the eligible family members are all covered under a Bupa Hero VHIS Plan at the same time.
    Terms and conditions of the Enrolment Offer for Bupa Hero VHIS Plan.
    Terms and conditions of complimentary supermarket e-voucher.
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