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Bupa launches Bupa HealthPlus

The first medical insurance scheme with complete extended cover for post-surgical follow-up treatments

Hong Kong,23 Apr 2015

Bupa, a leading international healthcare group, has announced the launch of Bupa HealthPlus, the first health insurance scheme in the market that truly takes care of customers’ needs all the way through their health journey. This new semi-private scheme provides up to HK$3 million annual benefit1 to cover medical expenses incurred from diagnosis, hospitalisation to recovery. What’s more, its innovative feature of covering certain common medical conditions occurred before enrolment is a breakthrough from traditional medical insurance which normally excludes all pre-existing conditions.

A choice for customers to include pre-existing conditions
Different from other traditional medical insurance, HealthPlus gives greater flexibility to customers with an option to cover certain pre-existing medical conditions at application. Customers can pay additional subscription to cover certain illnesses that have occurred before enrolment or choose to exclude the pre-existing medical conditions to make it more affordable to them. In Hong Kong, Heart disease affects 1 in 100 Hongkongers and the proportion of people with known hypertension increased from 10.3% in 2009/10 and 11% in 2011/122. To make the healthcare more accessible to more people, this scheme covers 11 common medical conditions such as hypertension and high cholesterol, which are normally not eligible for claims.

In addition, their applications can be approved instantly through the Bupa’s newly launched sophisticated customer relationship management system. Simply by answering structured health questions over the phone with the sales consultants, customers will know if their applications are approved or if the pre-existing conditions (if any) can be covered by paying additional subscription.

Physiotherapy and Chinese herbalist consultations are included to support recovery
Bupa HealthPlus is the first medical insurance product in the market to offer comprehensive post-surgical follow-up treatments for a complete recovery. Bupa understands that the costs can be an added burden to customers. To give them peace of mind, the scheme provides full cover for the cost of post-surgical follow-up treatments, such as up to 20 times follow-up consultations and full cover for advanced imaging like MRI, laboratory tests and physiotherapy. It also includes Chinese herbalist consultations and acupuncture after receiving cancer treatment or surgery for stroke and Coronary Artery Disease, which are commonly used to recuperate from the operation. Other post-surgical follow-up consultations such as dietitian consultations, psychological counselling are also included to give customers all-round support.

Worldwide cover of up to HK$3 million per year1
Medical inflation has continually been high in Hong Kong because of advanced technology and rising demand of faster and quality private healthcare. The latest medical claims statistics by Hong Kong Federation of Insurers showed that the average cost of in-patient hospitalisation in semi-private room increased by 15.7% from 2010/12. To help customers tackle escalating medical expenses, Bupa HealthPlus is designed to provide world-wide cover and full reimbursement for wide range of hospital expenses of up to HK$3 million per year at the semi-private room level. Customers can enjoy the convenience of cashless treatment at all private hospitals in Hong Kong with the Bupa HealthPlus Medical Card with no claim hassle.

Round-the-clock customer support
As a customer of Bupa HealthPlus, they can enjoy professional support 24 hours every day, with a “live” person to directly answer their enquiries related to their policies. What’s more, they are given a free health coaching service such as a 24/7 Healthline to give guidance on their health related questions, a dedicated person to help follow up on the claims and help obtain a second medical opinion in the event of serious illnesses. The services are supported by a team of qualified nurses and healthcare professionals3.

Dr Christian Wards, Managing Director of Bupa (Asia) Ltd, says, “Given our international expertise in healthcare and constant focus on customers’ needs, we are able to pilot innovative propositions to bring better health protection and holistic care to our customers. We are proud to launch Bupa HealthPlus, with groundbreaking features and round-the-clock healthcare support to offer complete care from diagnosis, to treatment and through recovery for our customers. This sets the benchmark for a truly comprehensive medical insurance plan in Hong Kong and we hope it helps take the market to the next level.”

To opt for Bupa HealthPlus, customers can choose to have a deductible or no deductible for the Hospital and Surgical Benefit according to their affordability. By choosing a deductible, customers can receive reimbursement of their hospital expenses as soon as their eligible claims exceed the amount of deductible. HealthPlus is especially suitable for people who have got their company medical cover to use it as a top-up plan to supplement their current cover at a lower cost. The scheme also offers up to 15% lifetime discount4 for family members who enrol together4.

Supplementary Information
Overview of HealthPlus Health Insurance Scheme

Cover at a glance

Basic benefit

Hospital and Surgical Benefit

Optional benefits

Clinical Benefit
Dental Benefit

Cover for pre-existing conditions

An option to cover your medical conditions which had commenced prior to scheme application, subject to additional subscription and Bupa’s approval

Free benefit

Free Bupa Worldwide Assistance Programme

Medical card

Yes. Medical card is provided to support cashless treatment in private hospitals and outpatient consultations of our network doctors

Benefit level


Deductible options

$0/ $12,000/ $40,000 per Contract Year

Family discount4

10% discount for 2 members
15% discount for 3 members or more


Eligibility of family members and issue age

Subscriber: 18 years and above
Subscriber’s children: 15 days and above
Subscriber’s legal spouse
Subscriber’s parents and parents-in-law

Subscriber’s parents and parents-in-law

Renewal of your cover is guaranteed for life regardless of your claims history or changes to your health condition

Please refer to the Schedule of Benefits for more information.

1.The annual maximum cover for members aged 65 or above and for treatment received in the US is different. Please refer to the Schedule of Benefits for details.
2.Source: Census and Statistics Department; Department of Health
3.Doctors will be available during schedule office hours to support the nurses for answering the enquiries. Office hours: Mon – Fri, from 9am to 7pm (Hong Kong time), except public holidays.
4.Family discount is only applicable to Bupa HealthPlus’ subscriptions of Hospital and Surgical Benefit.

About Bupa

Bupa began in the UK in 1947. We fund healthcare around the world and run clinics, hospitals, dental centres, care homes, and more. With no shareholders, we reinvest our profits to provide more and better healthcare for customers. 

Bupa is UK’s largest health insurer.* In Hong Kong, we are known as the health insurance specialist. We have gained the trust of more than 400,000 individuals, and 3,200 companies including major corporations in public utility and telecom industry. The Hong Kong government recommends Bupa as the provider of quality health insurance for civil servants for more than 20 years in a row.

Bupa also provides primary care services through Quality HealthCare Medical Services (QHMS), one of Hong Kong’s largest private clinic networks.

* Source: Laing Buisson Health Cover UK Market Report 13th Edition, published 16 January 2017, in terms of market share among private medical insurance providers