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Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)

Dr To Sau Ying


Mak mak Posted on 2011-05-12

My boyfriend found that he has a lump which is around 2-cm near the lymph in his right neck. At the beginning, the GP doctor said it might be lymph inflammation and advised him to intake 1 week medicine. A week later, the lump is still existing and the doctor refers him to go further analysis on the lump. His dad suffered from nasopharyngeal cancer 10 years ago. Due to this family sickness record, the doctor would make a assumption that he might have the possibility to get the same type of cancer as well. However, he is a non-smoker. So does he still have chance to get this cancer? It would be very appreciated if you can provide some comments and opinions. Any other possibility to have another illness according to his symptom apart from cancer? What should we do next step? Any test should be done for further investigation?


Dr To Sau Ying Posted on 2011-05-12

For neck mass, there are four main diseases possible: 1) inflammation in the head and neck region, 2) metastatic carcinoma, most common of all is Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, 3) Tuberculosis, 4) blood diseases, usually Lymphoma He is advised to see E.N.T. specialist immediately. There is hereditary influence in N.P.C.

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