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How to choose the right insurance

What does the term “Loading” mean? Do I need to pay loading upon renewal if I made claims for hospital stay? If the subscription will be adjusted according to age, should I buy medical insurance when I get older?

“Loading” is a term used in the insurance industry referring to the extra charge added to the subscription fee upon renewal due to previous claims made by the subscriber. Some people confuse this term with the yearly increase in subscription based on age or medical costs inflation. In many cases, if an individual made claims frequently, his renewal subscription will be adjusted with loading in addition to the yearly increase. He may find the policy becoming less and less affordable; eventually terminating the policy over time.


However, all Bupa individual health insurance schemes do not charge additional subscription because of claims. Bupa will guarantee your cover can be renewed for life. Bupa does not charge any loading regardless of how many claims were made or changes in your health.


Useful tip:

Although the subscription will be adjusted with age, we encourage people to take out health insurance at an earlier age, while they are still in good health. If an insurance application is made after you became ill, such “pre-existing conditions” will likely be excluded from your cover. If the applicant is suffering from serious illness, such insurance application may be declined. 


Currently, some medical insurance schemes with wider coverage may cover pre-existing conditions in exchange for higher subscription fees. On top of that, recent medical research studies showed that serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes are happening at an earlier age. Therefore, it makes financial sense to plan for unexpected medical expenses earlier on in life.


Insurance schemes / Key features
  • Provides up to HK$3 million benefit per year
  • Full cover for hospital expenses in a semi-private room
  • Guaranteed lifetime renewal with no extra charge based on the number of claims made
  • With Full Cover Benefit, you can enjoy 100% cover for any hospital and surgical expenses
  • Add Supplementary Major Medical Benefit to enjoy cashless hospitalisation using Bupa medical card. No need to pay any deposit, hospital bills or file a claim if you use our medical card.
  • Guaranteed lifetime renewal with no extra charge based on the number of claims made
  • Family can share an annual benefit pool of up to HK$5 million
  • Enjoy up to 20% lifetime family discount
  • Guaranteed lifetime renewal with no extra charge based on the number of claims made

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To enjoy the referral reward, the referee must submit the Bupa Member-get-Member Programme Registration Form (PDF, 209KB)together with the Bupa health insurance application.
*The referee must successfully enrol in any Bupa individual insurance scheme with first year's net annual premium or subscription over HK$3,000 through a Bupa insurance intermediary.
#Subject to terms and conditions of the programme.

Bupa Member-get-Member programme Terms and Conditions (PDF, 286KB)

Bupa Hero VHIS Plan enrolment offer terms and conditions (PDF, 282KB)

Bupa All Together Health Insurance Scheme Welcome Promotion Offer Terms and conditions (PDF, 231KB)
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