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Bupa Empower SME

Ultimate flexibility to take care of your employees' health and wellness

Bupa Empower

Looking for a flexible group insurance scheme for your employees with a limited budget?


Bupa Empower

In need of a range of wellness services to support your employees' health and retain talented team members?

Bupa Empower SME Health Insurance Scheme is your ideal choice!

Bupa Empower

2 plan tiers including multiple options, for 700+ combinations


Bupa Empower

No underwriting for SMEs of 2–50 employees in any industry


Bupa Empower

Value for money with a wide range of wellness services

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10% off for first-year enrolment

Extra health and wellness support for your employees:

  • Enjoy up to 20% special discount on selected services at Quality HealthCare Medical Services eShop including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Aesthetics and Lifestyle Package

*Terms and conditions apply.

Product features – to support employers like you

Ultimate flexibility with 700+ combinations in 2-tier plan options

Bupa Empower offers ultimate flexibility for 700+ benefit combinations in 2 different tiers – Starter tier and Flyer tier. You can mix and match your base plan with benefits that cover out-patient procedures, hospitalisation or even just clinical visits with wellness service(s). Plus, you can add a wide range of optional benefits that fit your employees' needs. Simply tailor-make your group scheme in 3 steps .

Starter tier

Offers basic benefits at affordable rates

Suitable for start-up companies, general staff


Flyer tier

Offers plan options with higher coverage and flexibility

Suitable for established SMEs, middle management or above

Subscriptions by age group

This scheme has a simple subscription structure with 5 age groups for employees and their spouses, and a flat rate for employees' children.

Low entry with just 2 employees

To support start-up companies, this scheme offers enrolment for a minimum of 2 employees and renewal up to age 69. Start-ups and SMEs in all industries are welcome.

No underwriting

No medical examination is required at application.

Digital convenience with myBupa

You'll also have free access to Bupa's employer portal myBupa to add or remove employees and dependants, check their claims status and shortfall history at any time.

Take a look at how Ms. Chan and Mr. Yuen
tailor-make their Bupa Empower schemes:

Bupa Empower

Ms. Chan
Owner of a 2-person start-up


Bupa Empower

Mr. Yuen
Head of HR in a SME with 40 employees

Product features – to support your valuable employees

  • Covers pre-existing conditions (see Remark 1)
  • Second claims incentive
  • Coverage for cancer and serious infectious diseases (see Remark 2)
  • Video consultation services (see Remark 3)
  • Comprehensive mental health coverage
  • All-round wellness support ranging from dental service, optical check, health check and podiatry service
  • Cashless service with medical card
  • Access to lifelong cover by enrolling in Bupa VTop Health Insurance Scheme at different life stages (e.g., upon renewal of their group scheme, before or after changing jobs, before retirement)

Optional benefits(see Remark 4)

  • Supplementary Major Medical Benefit
  • Special Hospital Cash Benefit
  • Maternity Benefit
  • Dental Benefit

Empower your company with value-added services

Health Coaching Services

Health Coaching Services

Offer 24/7 Healthline, second medical opinion and Care Manager to follow up on claims and assist members throughout treatment and recovery (see Remark 5).

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Free Bupa Worldwide Assistance

Free Bupa Worldwide Assistance Programme

Offers medical support and assistance if members need help while overseas or in mainland China.

Bupa Empower

Manage your scheme with myBupa

Available as both an employer portal and smartphone app for members to manage benefits, submit claims online, search for network doctors and more.

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Bupa Empower

Blua Health wellness app

Assess your health instantly with AI powered health-tracking technology, enjoy a variety of health app features for free, earn points to redeem exclusive rewards and more.


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10% off for first-year enrolment *

*Terms and conditions apply.
1. What's the difference between Starter tier and Flyer tier plan options?

Starter tier is designed for start-ups and general staff, offering basic benefits at affordable rates. There're 3 core benefits to choose from – Hospital and Surgical Benefit, Out-patient Procedure Benefit and Clinical Benefit. The Flyer tier is designed for SMEs and middle management or above, providing plan options with higher coverage and flexibility. There're 2 core benefit options – Hospital and Surgical Benefit and Clinical Benefit. Both Starter tier and Flyer tier offer 4 optional benefits to meet your employees' needs: Supplementary Major Medical Benefit, Special Hospital Cash Benefit, Maternity Benefit and Dental Benefit.

2. Can I enrol in different benefit combinations for employees of different grades? Can I upgrade their benefits when my company expands in the future?

Yes, you can choose different benefit combinations for employees at different grades. For example, you can enrol in Flyer tier's Hospital and Surgical Benefit Plan A1 and Clinical Benefit Plan C1 for middle management or above, and Starter tier's Out-patient Procedure Benefit Plan B1 for general staff. However, all employees of the same grade must be enrolled in the same benefit combination. A minimum number of employees applies for specific benefits and plans. Please refer to the Schedule of Benefits for details.

When your company expands, you can contact Bupa to upgrade your plan upon renewal. For example, you can upgrade middle management's Clinical Benefit Plan C1 to the "upgrade option" which has no deductible and 100% reimbursement under Non-HealthNet Benefit, or even add the optional Supplementary Major Medical Benefit.

3. What is the Out-patient Procedure Benefit?

The Out-patient Procedure Benefit is an option exclusive to Starter tier. This benefit is payable for covered surgical procedures performed at a QualityNet Service Provider's clinic or day case centre, subject to the applicable overall annual limit as stated in the Schedule of Benefits. The covered surgical procedures include 4 specialities such as dermatology, gastroenterology, otorhinolaryngology and ophthalmology, as well as 8 common types of procedures including endoscopy, cataract surgery, haemorrhoidectomy and more. Please refer to the contract and the Schedule of Benefits on Bupa's customer service portal myBupa for the detailed list of covered surgical procedures.

4. Can I enrol in Clinical Benefit only for my employees?

Yes, you can enrol in just one or a combination of the core benefit(s) available under this plan, including Hospital and Surgical Benefit/Out-patient Procedure Benefit (applicable to Starter tier only) and Clinical Benefit.

5. What is an "upgrade option"?

All core benefits under this plan provide upgrade options that expand the coverage to better suit your employees' needs. For example, you can upgrade the reimbursement percentage of Non-HealthNet Benefit from 80% to 100%, increase the maximum number of visits under Clinical Benefit in aggregate from 30 or 40 to unlimited (also subject to sub-limits on the number of visits for each benefit item) and so on.

6. Will my employees' claims affect the renewal subscription of my company's Bupa Empower scheme?

No, any claims that your employees make won't affect the subscription at renewal. Factors affecting subscription rates each year include medical inflation, general operating expenses and revision of benefits to cover increasing medical expenses.

7. What is the maximum cover age for this scheme?

For employees and their spouses, they are covered up to age 69. Unmarried children of employees are covered up to age 18, or up to age 23 if the unmarried child is a full-time student (with valid proof upon request).

Company size

2 50 employees


All full-time employees aged under 65 (renewal up to age 69)

Employees' dependants

  • Spouse aged under 65 (renewal up to age 69)
  • Unmarried children aged between 15 days and 17 years, or under 23 years for full-time students (with valid proof upon request)

Bupa has set up a series of treatment programmes for members focusing on different specialities, providing personalised care and guidance through network providers and a health coaching team. Through these programmes, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Multiple specialties to meet different medical needs
  • Experienced health professionals to guide you from consultation through treatment and follow-up
  • Quality assured network clinics and facilities
  • Cashless service with eligible medical card

Bupa's one-stop specialist treatment programmes include:

Bupa DAY series
  • Eye day surgeries
  • Day-case gynaecological procedures
Bupa WAY series
  • Clinical treatments for musculoskeletal pain
  • Guidance and treatments to support breast health
For each programme's eligibility and details, please check out Bupa's one-stop specialist treatment programmes page.
  1. Coverage for pre-existing conditions is only applicable to companies with at least 10 employees.
  2. Serious infectious diseases include Dengue Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, COVID-19 and more, as well as any future Public Health Emergency of International Concern according to the World Health Organisation. Please refer to the Schedule of Benefits for the detailed list of serious infectious diseases and the Contract for definitions.
  3. Visit Bupa's webpage about video consultation services for details. Terms and conditions apply.
  4. Supplementary Major Medical Benefit, Special Hospital Cash Benefit and Maternity Benefit are only applicable to companies with at least 5 employees.
  5. Health Coaching Services is only applicable to Flyer tier Hospital and Surgical Benefit Plan A1 and A2, as well as Clinical Benefit Plan C1.