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Employers of large corporations are in need of a holistic employees health strategy to address sophisticated healthcare needs arising from diversified workforce, health issues, healthcare cost, and the company’s long-term vision for the employees’ health and wellbeing.

As a healthcare partner to your company, we share our in-depth knowledge and insights from Bupa’s global expertise and local experience in serving large corporations in Hong Kong to develop a holistic healthcare solution for your company.


The above information is for reference only. For details, please refer to the product brochure and Schedule of Benefits for more details.

  • Capability of operations: Bupa is one of the few top-notch health insurers with the operational capacity and capability to support the complexity and volume of services for large corporations.
  • Global knowledge and expertise: We are a global healthcare company funding health as well as running hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities in different healthcare systems worldwide. In Hong Kong, Quality HealthCare, one of the largest private clinic networks, is part of Bupa. This unique background enables us to bring the best of our global knowledge in healthcare funding, medical data analytics, and employees’ wellness to the local market.
  • Local experience and credentials: In Hong Kong, our expertise in healthcare and reputation in service quality has gained the trust of more than 400,000 individuals and 3,200 companies including heavy-weights in public utility and telecom industries. We have one of the largest medical networks that enables us to provide cashless treatment and cost containment.

Bupa’s work health solutions aim to make a positive impact on your employees’ health and wellbeing. Our workplace health professionals will recommend targeted programmes ranging from targeted programs to comprehensive health risk diagnostics and wellness strategy. Learn more