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Workplace Health Solutions

A holistic and well-implemented workplace health plan can positively impact the success of an organisation. It can reduce illness and employee absenteeism, whilst also increasing productivity and loyalty. Wellbeing is much more than just diet and exercise; it is about everything an individual needs to be at their best, inside and out.


Bupa workplace health solutions aim to support and improve employee health and wellbeing by providing a framework to guide your workplace health plan.  We offer flexible solutions to support companies who want one to two targeted wellness products or services, through to those looking for a regular calendar of wellness events in their workplace, as well as organisations requiring a comprehensive health risk diagnostics and wellness strategy.


The Bupa Workplace Health Team can customise your work health plan to incorporate existing and new programmes. Our targeted solutions can assist your workforce with increasing individual understanding, skills and provide a positive impact to their health & wellbeing.


For an employer, it is a great opportunity to unlock a healthier, happier, higher performing workforce, by empowering your workforce to better manage their wellbeing, at work and beyond.


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