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Bupa wins the Most Breastfeed-caring Corporate Award

Hong Kong,29 Jul 2018

Bupa and Quality HealthCare are awarded the “Most Breastfeed-caring Corporates” by the Hong Kong Breastfeeding Mother’s Association (HKBFMA), together with four other companies in Hong Kong, in recognition of our support to breastfeeding at work.

The award comes in a campaign by the HKBFMA – “Love Family Love Breastfeeding 2018” to raise awareness on breastfeeding in Hong Kong and to encourage family members to support nursing mothers in order to sustain breastfeeding for a longer term.

Bupa has established a breast-feeding friendly working environment in its offices with lactation facilities, and has encouraged an inclusion culture where our management and all staff would have a positive and supportive attitude towards working mother breastfeeding. 

1-7 August is the annual World Breastfeeding Week with “Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life” as the theme this year. Hong Kong has seen an encouraging trend in breastfeeding in recent years. Sustained breastfeeding relies not only on the hard work and perseverance of breastfeeding mothers but also their family members and the community as a whole. 

We encourage everyone to support breastfeeding mothers in the workplace and in our community, and to make Hong Kong a more breastfeeding friendly place.