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Bupa WAY programme – Breast care treatment

Bupa WAY programme – Breast care treatment

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Hong Kong. In recent years, the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer annually has quadrupled, from 1,152 in 1993 to 4,761 in 2019 (see Note 1). On average, one in every 14 women in Hong Kong will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Breast cancer is also the most common cancer diagnosed in the 20-44 age group (see Note 2).

Most women know the importance of regular breast self-exams. But what should you do if you think you feel a lump? It might be cancer or a benign condition like fibroids. How do you know what screening or treatment option is right for you?

To provide eligible Bupa members with end-to-end care and support, we're pleased to introduce the Bupa Walking Along with You (WAY) programme – Breast care treatment. Organised by Bupa with support from our health coaching team, the programme is here for you at all stages along your healthcare journey.

  1. If you're concerned about your breast health…
  2. Call our free dedicated hotline at (852) 2517 5743 (see Note 3). Your designated Care Manager (a registered nurse) can provide health guidance and attend to your enquiries.
  3. If screening is required, he or she can offer personalised suggestions based on your condition, including healthcare centre choices and appointment booking in our Bupa network.
  4. If you need further consultation and treatment, especially if you're diagnosed with cancer, your Care Manager will guide you through the process, with explanations of procedures and treatments, emotional support and a variety of health information such as cancer care and dietary tips.
  5. With our WAY programme, you can enjoy end-to-end care, from consultation through treatment and follow-up.

Dedicated hotline: (852) 2517 5743 (see Note 3)

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Bupa members with hospital and clinical benefits are welcome to explore our WAY programme for support with breast health issues by calling our free dedicated hotline. Consultation, screening and treatments offered within the programme will be covered subject to the medical insurance coverage and benefit limits of your Bupa insurance plan.

In this programme, you can use your Bupa medical card (if applicable) for most services at network providers. You can also choose to pay for your treatments and submit a claim to us afterwards.

Our Bupa WAY programme – Breast care treatment is here for you every step of the way, providing the right treatment and support for your condition.

We'll guide you through the different consultation and screening options based on your symptoms and condition. Your designated Care Manager, a registered nurse, will provide regular guidance over the phone. If you're unfortunately diagnosed with cancer, we can also refer you to a specialist and help with pre- and post-operative care, claims and more. Just call the free dedicated WAY programme hotline at (852) 2517 5743 (see Note 3) to get started.

  1. What clinics can I visit as part of the Bupa WAY programme – Breast care treatment?

    Our free dedicated WAY programme hotline team can provide choices of clinics and hospitals based on your specific condition or needs. The designated clinic and provider list for the Bupa WAY programme – Breast care treatment may change from time to time. To view the latest list, please visit myBupa.

  2. What if the recommended treatment isn't covered under my Bupa health insurance scheme?

    You can still receive the treatment and pay your medical expenses out of your own pocket.

  3. Can I choose my own provider when I'm referred for screening, treatment and so on?

    As part of our end-to-end care, we will try to arrange appointments for you at the Bupa network facilities available under your scheme. You can also choose your own provider outside our network. However, by doing so you’ll exit the WAY programme and will no longer have a designated Care Manager. If you do decide to leave the WAY programme, you also have the option to re-join later on.

  4. How will my designated Care Manager help me?

    If you have any queries, you can contact your designated Care Manager at any time during office hours. Your Care Manager will also follow up about your condition and your treatment progress regularly with your consent.

  1. Source: Breast Cancer in Hong Kong. Local Statistics. HK Breast Cancer Foundation 2021 .
  2. Source: Top Five Cancers by Age. Hong Kong Cancer Registry 2019
  3. The WAY programme hotline is operated by Bupa. Hotline service hours are as follows: Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. The hotline is not available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
  1. To participate in the Bupa WAY programme – Breast care treatment, you'll need to provide your consent to Bupa to allow providers to share information about your demographics, treatment plans and outcomes.
  2. Eligible members may use a valid Bupa medical card for cashless treatment in the Bupa WAY programme. For those without a Bupa medical card, or if the medical expenses exceed the member's coverage under or aren't covered by the member's Bupa insurance plan (e.g. excluded conditions), members will need to settle their expenses directly with the provider. For any ineligible expenses settled by a Bupa medical card, a shortfall notice will be sent to the member for settlement.
  3. Medical services offered by the Bupa WAY programme are subject to the medical insurance coverage and/or benefit limits of each member's Bupa insurance plan. Before receiving any service, members should check their benefit entitlement in the membership certificate and/or schedule of benefits of their Bupa plan. Please contact our Customer Care helpdesk for more information.

The above summary of our insurance products is for reference only. It is not, and does not form part of, a contract of insurance and is designed to provide an overview of the key features of these products.

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Bupa Member-get-Member programme Terms and Conditions (PDF, 286KB)

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