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Bupa GynaeDAY

Bupa GynaeDAY

The Bupa Direct Access for You (DAY) programme provides direct access to day procedure centres and clinics around Hong Kong. Under this programme, our GynaeDAY centres offer a variety of procedures for women's health issues such as ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, endometriosis and so on (see Note 1).

Up to 14% of women experience painful, irregular or heavy periods (see Note 2). Sometimes, abnormal or painful periods are caused by conditions affecting the reproductive organs.

If it's medically necessary, a specialist may recommend a hysteroscopy to investigate and treat abnormal menstruation. This procedure can remove fibroids or endometrial polyps from the uterus, and can often be done in a day case setting (see Notes 3, 4).

At the modern, well-equipped clinics in our GynaeDAY programme, eligible Bupa customers (see Note 5) have direct access to cashless treatment for common gynaecological conditions.

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High-quality and professional centres High-quality and professional centres

  • High-quality and professional clinics staffed by a team of dedicated health professionals
  • Easy to access locations across Hong Kong
  • Consultation and procedures for a range of women’s health issues
  • A variety of treatment options at the centre
  • Personalised care in a quiet, peaceful environment
  • Cashless treatment with your Bupa medical card, where eligible treatment will be covered under your entitled benefits (see Note 5)
Our GynaeDAY programme is available at several locations around Hong Kong. For more details about the GynaeDAY centres, please visit myBupa .

GynaeDAY locations
How to access

  1. If you're concerned about a gynaecological health issue…
  2. Make an appointment with one of the specialists at our GynaeDAY centres.
  3. During your consultation, the specialist will provide advice and recommend treatment for your condition if medically necessary.
  4. The specialist will perform your gynaecological procedure in the GynaeDAY centre.
  5. Make sure to present your Bupa medical card for cashless treatment before you leave.


Our GynaeDAY network provides you with a variety of options for gynaecological procedures, as well as cashless treatment. Our doctors will recommend personalised treatment based on your condition.

Here's a few important things to remember

Before scheduling your visit, check if your insurance plan includes hospital and clinical benefits and your medical card is valid for cashless treatment. In general, Bupa medical cards (see Note 5) with the following services listed on the front can be used at our GynaeDAY centres.

Medical Card

More details are available on myBupa (see Note 6).

You'll need the following documents on hand for your consultation and procedure:
  • Valid Bupa medical card
  • Hong Kong ID card or passport
  1. Medically necessary procedures for gynaecological conditions will be covered according to the terms of your policy. Treatment for conditions that fall into the policy's general exclusions, such as those caused by sexually transmitted diseases or treatment related to pregnancy (unless Maternity Benefit is available), birth control or other non-medically necessary reasons, will not be covered. Bupa members will need to pay for any treatment expenses that are ineligible.
  2. Source: Menstruation: Facts, Statistics and You. Healthline. 2018.
  3. Source: Scope of Services > Gynaecology. Kwong Wah Hospital.
  4. Source: Information Sheet for Hysteroscopic Resection of Fibroids / Polyps. HKSH Medical Group.'s-Health-&-Obstetrics/InformationSheetforHysteroscopicResectionofFibroidsPolyps.pdf
  5. Only Bupa members with the Bupa Gold Card (Hospital & Clinical), Bupa HealthCare Card (for clinic procedure only), Bupa HealthNet Card (Hospital & Clinical) and Bupa HealthPlus Card (Hospital & Clinical, Hospital) are eligible for cashless treatment at Bupa GynaeDAY centres. Please refer to the GynaeDAY clinic list on myBupa for details.
  6. The name, contact information and address of each Bupa GynaeDAY centre are available in the clinic list on myBupa. The list is subject to change from time to time.
  1. Each member is required to present a valid Bupa medical card and Hong Kong Identity Card or passport upon registration at the GynaeDAY centre.
  2. Eligible members must use a valid Bupa medical card for cashless treatment at GynaeDAY centres. If the medical expenses exceed the member’s coverage or aren’t covered by the insurance plan (e.g. excluded conditions), members will need to settle their expenses directly with the centre. For any ineligible expenses settled by a Bupa medical card, a shortfall notice will be sent to the member for settlement.
  3. Medical services offered by the GynaeDAY centres listed are subject to the medical insurance coverage and/or benefit limits of each member. The network eligibility of individual doctors at the same GynaeDAY centre may be different. Before receiving any service, members should check their benefit entitlement in their membership certificate and/or schedule of benefits. Please contact our Customer Care helpdesk for more information.

The above summary of our insurance products is for reference only. It is not, and does not form part of, a contract of insurance and is designed to provide an overview of the key features of these products.

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