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Don't underestimate the costs of cancer treatment

Choose the right protection and regain a healthy life

Cancer is the number one cause of death in Hong Kong. A report from the Department of Health shows that over 35 people have died of cancer every day in the past five years. By 2030, the number of new cancer cases is expected to increase to 42,000 per year, an increase of about 35%. Cancer treatment is a long process. In addition to the psychological impact, you may also need to deal with the financial burden it can create.


With advances in technology, new targeted therapy drugs are expected to improve cancer survival rates. However, the cost of targeted therapy is high, from HK$20,000 to HK$70,000 every 3 weeks. A survey* has also shown that the public underestimates the costs of cancer treatment. Taking colorectal cancer as an example, respondents in Hong Kong estimated that the median out-of-pocket expenses for advanced stage colorectal cancer treatment in public hospital are HK$13,500, while the actual median expenses are about HK$270,000. Respondents also thought that the median expenses in private hospital were HK$400,000, but the actual median expenses were as high as HK$1.3 million, an underestimate of more than 60%.


  There is a growing trend of receiving a cancer diagnosis at a younger age. It may not be as far away as you imagine. With 8–10% inflation of medical expenses every year, people should plan for their future and choose the right health insurance plan. Take Bupa Hero VHIS Plan as an example. It includes full cover for prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. With guaranteed lifelong renewal and no lifetime benefit limit, customers are assured of lifelong high-quality healthcare protection. Bupa understands the uncertainty of suffering from a serious illness. With comprehensive medical protection, customers can access necessary treatments without any financial worries and regain a healthy life.


  For more information, please visit Bupa's website at or call 2517 5860

General Manager, Bupa Hong Kong

Andrew Merrilees


* Survey conducted by The Cancer Information in July 2018: (Chinese only)

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