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How to support growing needs around mental wellness in the workplace

The global coronavirus pandemic has presented an unprecedented challenge to work and personal life. According to a Bupa mental health survey, half of the respondents have experienced symptoms of anxiety or depression amid the coronavirus outbreak. Middle management, in particular, are bearing heavy burdens as they struggle with multiple responsibilities at work and at home. The study also revealed existing gaps between employee expectations and mental health support provided by companies. As the leading health insurance specialist, Bupa has launched the Supporting Healthier Minds Programme to relieve pressure for both employers and employees.


Bupa Hong Kong conducted an online mental health survey in September 2020 with over 1,200 working people. Our research found that the mental health of the respondents was poor in general and half of the respondents had experienced symptoms of anxiety or depression. Middle management have the highest levels of mental stress and around one in five middle managers admitted to having suicidal thoughts. Bupa calls for employers to step up efforts to provide their employees with the necessary resources and support to care for their mental wellbeing.


Bupa has launched the Supporting Healthier Minds Programme which features a wide selection of workshops and activities to promote mental health and wellness at all levels in the workplace.


To support the needs of management level employees, Mental Health First Aid training teaches supervisors to cope with employees’ negative emotions and potential mental health problems effectively. What’s more, executive workshops are available for leaders on various aspects of mental health support including emotion management, stress management, work-life balance and other issues.


For general staff, the programme provides a 24-hour hotline service offering professional assistance at any time. It also features interactive workshops including yoga, meditation, massage and more to relieve stress and promote a healthier working environment. In addition, the wellness engagement platform Bupa4Life can help employees identify health risks and encourage them to achieve their overall wellbeing goals.


Bupa’s Supporting Healthier Minds Programme offers different workshops and activities ranging from education and training to personal enrichment, with the aim of helping organisations effectively manage and enhance mental wellbeing at work.


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