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Bupa launches 'Bupa Safe' Critical Illness Insurance Scheme

Hong Kong,05 May 2021

Bupa launches 'Bupa Safe' Critical Illness Insurance Scheme

Covering up to 98% of all serious critical illnesses at an affordable premium

supporting living expenses and cancer treatment

Bupa Hong Kong, the leading health insurance specialist, announced today the launch of Bupa Safe Critical Illness Insurance Scheme – our new critical illness plan that covers up to 98% of all serious critical illnesses1. Bupa not only cares about comprehensive protection but also the affordability of customers. With monthly subscriptions as low as HK$1082, members can enjoy benefits of up to HK$3.3 million to prepare them for the unexpected.

With today's fast-paced lifestyle, people are more likely to endure high stress levels, poor diet and lack of exercise, contributing to the growing prominence of critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack and stroke. Studies have revealed that new cancer cases in Hong Kong reached 34,028 in 2018, meaning on average, 93 people were diagnosed with cancer every day3. Between 2008 and 2017, the number of people diagnosed with heart disease and stroke increased by 21% and 13% respectively4.

Critical illness and subsequent treatment costs can cause a significant dent in people’s financial budget and quality of life. It is more important than ever for healthcare partners like Bupa to provide comprehensive protection against critical illnesses to help customers cope with medical and living expenses.

Triple protection with extended coverage for cancer diagnosis and recurrence

Bupa Safe features triple protection – Major Critical Illness Benefit, Early Stage Critical Illness Benefit and Additional Cancer Benefit, for up to three lump sum benefits payable for separate conditions at different times in life, with an aggregate benefit of up to HK$3.3 million. The scheme covers up to 85 conditions including the three major critical illnesses – cancer, heart attack and stroke, and five early stage critical illnesses including carcinoma in situ and early stage cancer, accounting for 98% of all serious critical illnesses1.

The recurrence of cancer is a huge burden for cancer patients. Research shows that stage III or IV ovarian cancer can recur in up to 70-80% of cases, while stage II lung cancer can return in 37.6% of cases5. To ensure greater peace of mind and financial stability for members, the Additional Cancer Benefit enables an extra lump-sum payout even after the major critical illness benefit has been paid, in the unfortunate event where the member is diagnosed with new or recurrent cancer6, with a waiting period as short as one year. For recurrence and distant metastasis of cancer, Bupa is first in the market to provide 100% payment of the major critical illness benefit amount again after one-year waiting period.

Cancer Treatment Reimbursement Benefit for additional protection

An optional Cancer Treatment Reimbursement Benefit offers additional protection with affordable medical coverage for covered cancer on top of critical illness benefits. In addition to a lump sum payment, members can enjoy full cover for Hospital and Surgical benefits up to HK$1 million per year for eligible diagnostic tests and cancer treatments including psychiatric treatment. Apart from medical expenses for surgical and non-surgical cancer treatment, this benefit also covers out-patient care and monitoring7, psychological counselling for both the patient and caregiver, physiotherapy, complimentary therapy, Chinese herbalist treatment and other treatments8, with a first-of-its-kind experimental treatment cash allowance9 to fully take care of members’ treatment and recovery needs, and support both their physical and mental health.

Eligible members will also receive a Bupa SafeNet Card to enjoy cashless treatment for cancer at designated private hospitals in Hong Kong and Bupa SafeNet appointed service providers10.

Personalised services for holistic healthcare management

Navigating the journey to recovery from a critical illness is often harder than expected. To minimise the mental burden and provide extra assistance for a smooth recovery, Bupa's Health Coaching Services offer Bupa Safe members a special Cancer Care Programme, where qualified nurses and health management professionals provide personalised follow-up throughout the patient's cancer journey, as well as emotional support and a variety of health information such as cancer care and dietary tips, and information about Traditional Chinese medicine therapies. As with all other Bupa insurance plans, members can access Bupa's 24/7 Healthline, Bupa4Life wellness app and are supported by a dedicated Care Manager.

"At Bupa, we want to prepare our customers for whatever their future holds when it comes to their health." said Andrew Merrilees, General Manager, Bupa Hong Kong. "We've seen the alarming prevalence of critical illness in our community, and the burden it places on families. People are looking for more support. We also know that many young people have not purchased an individual medical insurance plan, but are looking for affordable products to protect themselves from major illnesses . To respond to this need, we have developed Bupa Safe at a competitive price to provide them with complementary and all-round coverage, from treatment to recovery, for their physical and mental wellbeing.

Welcome offer

From 1 May until 31 July 2021, applicants who have successfully enrolled in the Bupa Safe Critical Illness Insurance Scheme on Bupa website can enjoy a welcome discount of 20% (for single enrolment) or 40% (for two or more enrolment) on the first-year subscriptions.

Notes to editor:

The premium under Bupa Safe Critical Illness Insurance Scheme varies in accordance with age and benefit levels.

The annual standard premium range of a non-smoker enrolling in the Critical Illness Basic Benefits with lifetime benefit amount in aggregate of up to HK$3,300,000 is as listed out below:


Age Group

Annual Standard Premium

Below 24

approx. HK$800 to HK$2,100


approx. HK$2,100 to HK$9,200


approx. HK$10,100 to HK$23,600


approx. HK$25,200 to HK$30,200



For more information or enroll online, please visit:

1 The 85 critical illnesses covered under Bupa Safe critical illness basic benefits and optional Extended Major Critical Illness Benefit account for 98% of designated critical illnesses in 10Life’s Scoring Methodology of Term Critical Illness Insurance.
2 Based on an 18-year-old non-smoker enrolling in the Bupa Safe critical illness basic benefit with lifetime benefit amount in aggregate of HK$3,300,000 using annual payment mode.
3 Source: Hong Kong Cancer Registry. Overview of Hong Kong Cancer Statistics of 2018. Hong Kong Hospital Authority; Oct 2020.
4 Source: Non-Communicable Diseases Watch, September 2018, Surveillance and Epidemiology Branch, Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health.
5 Source: Recurrence rate of ovarian cancer from Affordable Multi-gene Mutation-drug Matching for Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Patients in Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong; recurrence rate of lung cancer from Oncology Letters, April 2014.
6 Additional cancer benefit is payable to a new cancer, recurrence, distant metastasis or continuation of cancer, subject to applicable active cancer treatment requirements.
7 An extra benefit up to HK$100,000 per year for out-patient care and monitoring.
8 Extended Care Benefit up to HK$40,000 per year and HK$120,000 per lifetime.
9 Experimental cancer treatment lump sum cash allowance up to HK$60,000 once per lifetime if recommended by a specialist in oncology.
10 Bupa SafeNet Card holders can enjoy cashless treatment for a covered cancer during hospital confinement, day case or non-surgical cancer treatment at designated private hospitals in Hong Kong and Bupa SafeNet appointed service providers.
11 Source: Bupa millennials product concept testing, research report 2019.

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