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Bupa announces appointment of Andrew Merrilees as Hong Kong's new Managing Director

Hong Kong,07 Mar 2022

Bupa Hong Kong, the leading health insurance specialist, today announces the appointment of Andrew Merrilees as Managing Director of Bupa in Hong Kong.

Prior to the promotion, Andrew was the General Manager of Bupa's insurance business in Hong Kong. With over 25 years of experience in the insurance and consultant industry, Andrew has led the company towards customer-centric innovation around comprehensive health solutions in Hong Kong and has driven significant growth in the insurance business.

In his new role, Andrew will lead the company's transformation to underpin Bupa's unique position in Hong Kong to deliver a holistic healthcare experience with both health insurance through the Bupa brand and health provision through Quality HealthCare1. Andrew will also engage the Hong Kong team to realise Bupa’s sustainability goal to make a better world as a trusted and responsible healthcare partner, advocating for community and planet health.

“I feel honoured to be recognised by the team to deliver on the ambitious plans we have put in place. Our One Bupa approach we are building in Hong Kong of healthcare provision and insurance is aimed at delivering a step change in customer experience. We are building towards giving our customers something unique in the market,” said Andrew Merrilees, Managing Director, Bupa in Hong Kong.

“In recent years, Bupa Hong Kong has become more innovative in the way we approach healthcare, making it more accessible and a better experience for our customers. During the pandemic I have been so proud of what our high-quality team from the health insurance and provision businesses have done to support our customers and the community in Hong Kong,” Andrew added. “We are curating a holistic healthcare ecosystem beyond health protection to empower one-stop, end-to-end health and care. We'll expand Bupa branded Medical Centres which are leading the market in quality care, and will focus on controlling costs for our customers. We are excited to see our purpose of helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives and making a better world come into fruition in the years to come.”


[1] Quality HealthCare, one of the largest private healthcare providers in Hong Kong, became part of Bupa in 2013

Bupa – A global healthcare specialist

Bupa's purpose is helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives and making a better world.

We are an international healthcare company serving over 31 million customers worldwide. With no shareholders we reinvest profits into providing more and better healthcare for the benefit of current and future customers.

In Hong Kong, we are known as the health insurance specialist. We have gained the trust of more than 400,000 individuals and 3,200 companies. We have provided quality health insurance for Hong Kong's civil servants for more than 20 years.

Bupa also provides primary care services through Quality HealthCare Medical Services (QHMS), one of Hong Kong's largest private clinic networks.


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