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Bupa engages with The Green Earth advocating sustainability initiatives

Aims to enhance the biodiversity of 10,000 sq. m of woodland

Hong Kong,06 Apr 2022

April 7 is designated as World Health Day by World Health Organisation (WHO) and the theme for this year is "Our planet, our health". Giving our full support to the initiative, Bupa Hong Kong, the leading health insurance specialist, today signed a 5-year strategic partnership with environmental charity The Green Earth for a long-term initiative to promote a sustainable environment in Hong Kong. The two organisations will launch a range of projects to promote a more sustainable environment in Hong Kong and an understanding of the connection between nature and our health.

Following a number of initiatives carried out by Bupa in 2021 to shoulder more responsibilities in environmental protection under the “One Health” campaign, Bupa said it is taking a further step forward by partnering with The Green Earth for a flagship programme – “Plantation Enrichment Programme” launched by The Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department. Bupa will collaborate with The Green Earth to build a healthier planet and enhance the biodiversity in countryside by replacing 1,000 sick and ageing exotic trees with local species on 10,000 sq.m of land at the country park.

Bupa and The Green Earth also co-developed a zero-carbon lifestyle e-book outlining the close connection between the health of people and the planet. These initiatives are to not only fulfil company’s vision of helping people live healthier, happier lives and making a better world, but to also embolden the community to contribute and make significant changes to the environment.

Andrew Merrilees, Managing Director, Bupa in Hong Kong said, “Last July, we worked with The Green Earth to collect 10 million steps for the virtual woodland from the One Health Step Challenge and achieved a remarkable result with over 58 million steps recorded. This year we are bringing the virtual woodland into the real world. We are also extending our efforts to the community by introducing the zero-carbon lifestyle e-book, nurturing a consciousness and responsiveness for sustainability. The woodland also provides a home for animals and plants by keeping a healthy balance of biodiversity.”

Andrew also highlighted, “Bupa has a very strong commitment to sustainability. By bringing ‘One Health’ into the spotlight, we aim to take the lead improving human, animal, and the planet’s health. At the same time, we walk the talk as a role model and demonstrate solutions for the public to emulate, thereby contributing to a better future together.”

Edwin Lau Che-feng, Founder and Executive Director of The Green Earth said, “All large corporations talk about ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) these days at internal meetings and external conferences. For corporations to speak and act confidently on this topic, they must inject sustainability gene into their entire team. The Green Earth sees Bupa’s strong commitments and really appreciates Bupa’s support on the Plantation Enrichment Programme and some other green initiatives to spreading green messages among its employees, customers and the public.”

Edwin added that, “Today, everybody is concerned more about health issues due to the outbreak of COVID-19. We believe with big corporates like Bupa leading the way, more people will be interested to engage in learning about environmental crisis such as climate change, plastic pollution as well as the impact on the environment and public health.”


Edwin Lau Che-feng, Founder and Executive Director of The Green Earth (left) and Andrew Merrilees, Managing Director, Bupa in Hong Kong (right), join hands to advocate sustainability initiatives. Through the “Plantation Enrichment Programme”, Bupa and The Green Earth build a healthier planet and enhance biodiversity by planting tree seedlings at the country park.






Notes to editors:

Plantation Enrichment Programme

The Hong Kong government has invested a lot of resources in massive afforestation work to restore eroded slopes after World War II. Most areas were seriously eroded and due to the relatively higher adaptability of exotic tree species. Though exotic tree species have had good performance in controlling soil erosion in the past, these woodlands are now facing with many problems such as aging, lack of growing space, low habitat diversity and species biodiversity, etc. Some of these exotic tree communities are even exclusive in nature. It is difficult for other tree species to grow underneath by natural succession.

In order to enhance the ecological values of these plantations, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) launched “Country Parks Plantation Enrichment Programme (PEP)” which includes thinning of aging exotic tree species (such as Acacia confusa, Melaleuca cajuputi and Eucalyptus, etc) planting of native tree seedlings and post-planting maintenance.
The Green Earth participates and gathers public efforts to build native tree woodland through planting native tree seedlings in the existing woodlands to increase biodiversity since late 2016. Bupa joins to support The Green Earth as the company understands the meaning behind the initiative which aligns with its “One Health” advocacy.

Co-developed zero-carbon lifestyle e-book

Date: 6 April 2022
Details: Bupa and The Green Earth have co-developed a zero-carbon lifestyle e-book, outlining the close connection between the health of people and the planet. The e-book also covers a range of topics including biodiversity, practical tips for sustainable and healthy living.

The e-book is available on for download via this link:


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