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Bupa in Hong Kong Presents Healthcare 3.0 Supporting Mental Health

The “Be Brave Now” campaign is an opportunity to raise awareness of mental health and make a real change

Hong Kong,29 Sep 2022

[Hong Kong – 29 September 2022] Recent research by Bupa in Hong Kong found that post-pandemic, people value their health and wellbeing more than ever before and have become increasingly aware of the role that mental health plays in sustaining overall health. 

Healthcare 3.0 by One Bupa, Bupa’s new health and wellness offering, empowers people to take charge of their own health through individualised data models and smart tools. Healthcare 3.0 by One Bupa also recognises that through creating safe spaces to talk about mental health, people can improve their overall wellbeing and inspire positive action to make real change in Hong Kong.

The “Be Brave Now” campaign is designed to start important conversations, share experiences and difficult emotions, as well as stories of mental health for individuals facing these challenges and people supporting a family member or friend. Everyone’s journey is unique, but mental health is something people share. By shining a light on the untold stories of mental health, “Be Brave Now” creates connections to help build a stronger, healthier community for everyone.

Coolminds - a joint initiative between Mind HK and KELY Support Group
One Bupa is launching the campaign via its health tech event with the involvement of charity content provider, Coolminds, which is a joint initiative between Mind HK and KELY, who are focused on empowering young people to talk about their mental health.

A recent survey by KELY Support Group found that 60% of young people don’t reach out for support when they are suffering with mental health issues [1] . Addressing the need for more open conversations, “Be Brave Now” will drive positive action in the community through a range of activities and initiatives in Hong Kong.

Be Brave Now” begins at One Bupa’s Healthcare 3.0 Concept Hub
From now till 9 October, One Bupa’s Healthcare 3.0 Concept Hub is open to the public and showcases the latest health tech, wellbeing services and digital offerings from around Asia. The vision of 3.0 Healthcare by One Bupa responds to the millennial need of on-the-go care and creates a healthcare infrastructure of which future generations want to be part of.

As part of the exhibition, Bupa is hosting a “Be Brave Now” experience for visitors with the involvement of charity content provider, Coolminds. Through creating a safe space, guests of the event will be encouraged to be brave and express how they feel through a range of artistic mediums, leaning into a wider conversation around the stigma of mental health and ultimately demonstrating how together, we can break down barriers preventing meaningful action. 

“Being ‘Brave’ is one of our company values and something people at Bupa live by each day. We believe starting a conversation is an important step towards people feeling supported, but it takes an enormous amount of courage to talk about how you feel. Our ‘Be Brave Now’ campaign is the beginning of building a stronger and healthier community for everyone in Hong Kong.” Andrew Merrilees, Managing Director, Bupa in Hong Kong said. 

“With an aligned belief in promoting mental wellness, we are thrilled to be the charity content provider for Bupa to launch ‘Be Brave Now’. Coolminds is on a mission to empower young people to talk about mental health and we will continue to work closely with various parties for the cause of mental health, reaching out to our future generations and equipping them with the skills to thrive.” Cindy Ng, Senior Manager, Programmes and Services of KELY Support Group said.

“Be Brave Now” Mental Health Zone in Healthcare 3.0 Concept Hub

  • Date: Open to public from now to 9 October 2022 (Sunday)
  • Venue: G/F & 1/F, Asia Standard Tower, Central (old TOPSHOP flagship) 

[1] Youth Mental Health Survey conducted by KELY Support Group

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