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Bupa Wise Choice

Continuous access to quality health coverage

Bupa Wise Choice medical insurance scheme is for employees and their dependants who are already covered by group medical insurance. It gives you continuous protection by enabling you to transfer to Bupa CarePro when group cover ends. It also provides extra cover as a top-up for your group medical insurance at a modest subscription.

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Levy collected by the Insurance Authority will be imposed on each policy at the applicable rate. The price quoted (if applicable) does not include the applicable levy yet.
Supplement Your Company’s Medical Insurance

Bupa Wise Choice is a top-up to your group cover as it gives you hospital cover of up to HK$600,000 per year. We pay 80% of the medical expenses that exceed your group cover or the deductible.

Comprehensive Mental Health Coverage

This scheme's Hospital and Surgical benefit provide psychiatric-related coverage to take care of your mental wellbeing.

Guaranteed Membership Transfer and Lifetime Cover

Before your 60th birthday, you can transfer your membership to Bupa CarePro at the same room level under Hospital and Surgical Benefit. What’s more, we cover your pre-existing medical conditions that developed after joining Bupa Wise Choice.

Modest Subscription

As an example, for a member aged 30, the monthly subscription is only HK$47 for ward level benefit of HK$180,000 per year.

No Claims-based Charges

We won't raise your premium based on how many claims you’ve made. Your subscription will be based on your age only, no matter how much you claim on conditions that arise after your membership starts.

No Waiting Period

Cover starts immediately after your membership takes effect.

Basic Benefit
  • Hospital and Surgical Benefit
    • Ward/Semi-private/Private room levels
    • Room and Board
    • Miscellaneous Hospital Services
    • Intensive Care
    • Surgeon and Attendance Fees
    • Anaesthetist's Fees
    • Operating Theatre Fees
    • In-patient Physician's Fees
    • In-patient Specialist's Fees
    • Companion Bed
    • Psychiatric Treatment
Free benefits
  • Free Overseas Medical Contingency Top-up Benefit
    • Extra medical cover of HK$250,000 for emergency medical treatment overseas

The above summary of our insurance products is for reference only. It is not, and does not form part of, a contract of insurance and is designed to provide an overview of the key features of these products.

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