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Working mums: Work-life balance isn’t a dream!

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Work-life balance sounds great but is often difficult to achieve. Just like riding a bicycle, if you keep looking down at the ground, you'll sway left and right and lose your balance. On the other hand, you can keep your balance and move forward steadily by looking straight ahead. In other words, you must look to the future and focus on your goals and direction in life. Whether it's a prosperous life, a happy family or a healthy life, you should plan ahead so that you can realise your dreams while maintaining work-life balance and taking control of your life.


We chatted with Stella Sung, Sales and Distribution Director, Bupa Hong Kong, about how she’s preparing for the future and trying to balance work and family life at the same time.


Health & people are the first priorities

Stella's tasks at work can be extremely challenging. Her goal is to help customers lead healthier lives by improving Bupa's medical insurance products and services. Her work not only requires efficiency, but also aims to provide the right service to the right people at the right time. She noted, "For example, facing the sudden epidemic, we’ve held a crisis management meeting every two days, as well as a lot of video and online communication, so that we can stay abreast of the situation, meet the needs of our customers and ease their worries."


As Stella said, this sudden epidemic caught the world by surprise. We need to focus on how to use past experience and skills to respond in a timely manner, and every step in her career has helped Stella become well-equipped to face today’s challenges. Stella grew up in the United States and worked in human resources, health and welfare consulting after graduation, and has held senior management positions in a number of insurance companies. Such rich and diverse work experience helped her develop confidence, innovation and communication skills and made her more prepared to face different challenges.


Work-life balance? Maybe work-life integration

With such a challenging job, Is work-life balance possible? Stella smiled and said: "It's really difficult, especially for a working mum. Instead of saying work-life balance, some people now suggest work-life integration." It’s a good idea not to put work and life in two extreme positions. It’s more practical to integrate work into life and make adjustments. For example, Stella completely unplugs from work from 7-9 every night, spending these two hours completely with her 8-year-old son, and then returns to work at other times. "It’s very important to have an understanding boss and a team of colleagues who are extremely supportive. This allows me to focus more on my career and spend time with my loved ones.


Make the best choice for children by understanding their true needs

Aside from work, Stella, like mothers around the world, is also very concerned about her son’s education, health and growth. But she believes that the best thing for children is not necessarily what other people think is the "best". Everyone needs to truly understand the needs of their own children. For example, don't blindly choose a famous school for them, but choose a school based on your children's own learning styles.


As a medical insurance executive, Stella draws an interesting comparison: "In fact, choosing medical insurance such as a VHIS plan is like choosing a school for your children. You have to choose according to their needs at different life stages. I bought my son's medical insurance early at age 4 because you never know when kids will get sick. Medical insurance gives us peace of mind that we’re better prepared for the future."


It’s important to know how to select a VHIS plan

When choosing a VHIS plan, Stella said that, in addition to comparing different products on the market according to personal and family needs, people must also consider three key points.


1. Reliability: Trustworthy professional brands and products with a long history

Bupa Hong Kong was established in 1976 and is a medical insurance expert in Hong Kong. Its business in Hong Kong includes medical insurance and healthcare services. Speaking of VHIS plans, we can’t forget to mention Bupa Hero VHIS Plan, rated the no. 1 high-end medical insurance (semi-private room level), the no. 1 high-end VHIS product and 10/10 by 10Life (private room level)1


2. Sustainability: Provides high coverage that can beat inflation and maintain sufficient value

Bupa Hero VHIS Plan provides up to HKD 30 million coverage per year, with full cover for any eligible medical expenses. And the place you can receive medical treatment isn’t limited to Hong Kong. Regardless of whether you receive treatment in Asia, Australia or New Zealand, expenses such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy and other eligible cancer surgery and treatment costs, as well as other severe and common diseases (such as stroke, kidney failure, cataract, etc.) surgery costs, all can be fully covered. As a result, you and your loved ones can receive higher quality treatment easily.


3. Flexibility: Changes according to needs at different life stages, and to cope with sudden needs

Bupa Hero VHIS Plan provides a variety of optional benefits, allowing you to easily build a medical insurance plan that suits you. In addition, Stella also mentioned Bupa’s brand-new video consultation services, especially designed for the current epidemic period, when people may want to avoid going to the hospital or clinic if they get sick. Bupa Hero VHIS Plan provides video consultation services through a selected network service provider, Quality HealthCare. While staying at home, you can consult a designated doctor by video call. Then a courier will deliver your medicine, sick leave certificate and referral letter (where applicable) to your home so you have more time to rest.


In addition, Stella mentioned that Bupa believes in the importance of maintaining a balance between body and mind. That’s why Bupa Hero not only takes care of your physical health, but also fully supports your mental health. Apart from providing coverage for inpatient psychiatric treatment costs in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Bupa Hero also offers the first mental health clinical network in Hong Kong and a 24-hour hotline staffed by experienced and qualified counselors to provide personalised mental support and counseling services; if necessary, Bupa can also arrange face-to-face counseling services with clinical psychologists.

Better me


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(Original article (Traditional Chinese version only) published at: Yahoo! X BetterMe website )

1 Insurance ratings are provided by 10Life ( for reference only. Bupa does not provide any compensation (such as commissions or referral fees) to 10Life for ratings or related insurance sales activities. 10Life insurance ratings do not take into account your personal goals, financial situation and needs. This information is for general educational and reference purposes only and does not constitute any recommendation to purchase insurance products. Consumers are advised to should go through the suitability assessment with a Bupa Health Management Consultant before applying for insurance that will suit their needs

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