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Prepare medical insurance plan

【Medical insurance】Life planning for health life

【Medical insurance】Life planning for health life

prepare medical insurance plan

If you could talk to yourself when you’re 10 years older, would you be curious about what your life will be like in the future? You’ll probably want to know whether you’ve achieved your goals in 10 years, such as getting married, buying a flat having children, starting a business, retiring and so on. But in fact, the question that we should be most concerned with is: "Am I healthy when I’m 10 years older?" Because without a healthy body and mind, it’s difficult to enjoy life’s blessings even if you have more money. And no matter how big your goal is, it may be too late to achieve. So, in order to make your dream comes true in 10, 20 or 30 years, prepare earlier for healthy life and take medical insurance into your life plan.


Laugh more

Laughter is the catalyst of happiness; laughter is the best medicine. Smile, not only is the world more beautiful, but it’s also good for physical and mental health. That’s because laughter can cause the brain to release endorphins (a type of hormone) that produce a sense of pleasure1. It’s the simplest and most direct way to reduce stress. So, the more you face difficulties, the more you have to remember to laugh more, such as telling jokes with friends and watching funny movies. Or you can even try laughter yoga!。


Eat better

You are what you eat! Returning to the basics, the most important thing is to have a balanced diet. According to the Healthy Eating Pyramid, you should eat different kinds of food every day to get enough nutrients2. In contrast, some people think that eating more superfoods is good for your health. In fact, the right amount is the most important! For example, avocados are rich in nutrients, but also relatively high in fat and calories. If you eat too much, you can easily get fat. Remember that a balanced diet is the best!


Sleep better

Sleep quality is closely related to physical and mental health. Lack of sleep not only affects our concentration and mood, but also increases the risk of chronic diseases in the long run. If you want good quality sleep, you can start with small habits. For example, you shouldn’t be too hungry or full before going to bed. Drinking a cup of hot milk can help you sleep, but don’t use your mobile phone or tablet before going to bed. From today, try going to bed 1 hour earlier. You’ll find that small changes in your sleep habits will bring big improvements in your body and mind.


prepare medical insurance plan

Be healthy

In addition to investing time in quality sleep, we should also invest in health as early as possible to provide strong support for ourselves 10, 20 and 30 years later. Even if you get sick in the future, you’ll have enough resources for higher quality treatment and protection. You need to have a healthy body and mind to enjoy life and achieve your goals. Taking multiple steps for the future and having medical insurance plan are good ways to invest in our health.


For example, Bupa Hero VHIS Plan provides annual coverage of up to HK$40 million and is a strong support for your health. The coverage is restored every year and there’s no lifetime benefit limit. There’s also full cover for all related outpatient expenses within 90 days before or 365 days after confinement or day case procedures, such as physiotherapy, follow-up consultations and so on.


In addition to Hong Kong, qualified cancer surgery and treatments (such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy and so on) and other severe and common diseases (such as stroke, kidney failure, cataract and so on) are covered in Asia, Australia and New Zealand or worldwide (excluding the United States). Eligible medical expenses can be fully covered. Regardless of whether you’re in Hong Kong or other eligible places in the future, you’ll have enough resources and protection to get the most appropriate treatment.


What’s more, Bupa Hero VHIS Plan also provides mental health support, additional health check-ups, video consultation services and more. Although wide-ranging medical protection and support are provided, the premiums aren’t high. If an 18-year-old enrolls in the Deluxe Plan with annual payment mode and chooses an HK$80,000 deductible, he or she only needs to pay an affordable premium as low as HK$317 per month.


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(Original article (Traditional Chinese version only) published at: Yahoo! X BetterMe website

(Last updated: July 2023)



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1 JNeurosci The Journal of Neuroscience: Social Laughter Triggers Endogenous Opioid Release in Humans

2 Centre for Health Protection: The Food Pyramid – A Guide to a Balanced Diet

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