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Bupa helps you in knowing more about your health conditions through our free online health tools.

Bupa Wellbeing Programme


Bupa helps you in taking control of your health through out wellbeing programme.

  • Do you have an “apple-shaped” body?
    Do you have an “apple-shaped” body?

    Find out now about your risk of central obesity!

  • Quick health age check
    Free Bupa Ground Miles app

    Easily keep track of when and how much you walk... 

  • Physical activity quiz
    Physical activity quiz

    How much do you really know about being active?

  • Diabetes assessment
    Health risk assessments

    Identify your personal risk of developing diabetes.

  • Stress assessment
    Stress assessment

    Find out how stressed you really are.

  • Bupa I Love Health - Heart Health Information Centre

    Tells you how healthy your heart is.

  • Stroke risk assessment
    Stroke risk assessment

    Identify your personal risk of stroke.

  • Are you eating right?
    Are you eating right?

    Play now and understand your eating habit.

  • Health hubs

    Browse our most popular health hubs including child and family health, heart and circulation, etc.

  • A-Z of health

    Health information about illnesses and treatment written by Bupa medical consultants.

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