Mindful Eating for a Healthy Chinese New Year Celebration

The Chinese New Year is about reuniting with loved ones, often accompanied by lavish feasts. Yet, many traditional festive delicacies are rich in calories, fats, and sugars, and overindulging can leave us feeling less than our best.

So, how do we strike a balance between enjoyment and health during celebration?
The answer lies in mindfulness – being conscious of what we eat and drink.
  • Maintain a balanced diet: Traditional reunion dinners and Chinese New Year feasts tend to be meat-heavy with few vegetables, and dishes are often rich in flavour. It's advisable to limit consumption of high-fat ingredients like pork belly, chicken skin, and chicken claws, and high-cholesterol food such as offal, shrimp paste and crab paste. Consider leaner meats, seafood, and plenty of vegetables and fruits instead.

  • Homemade traditional new year puddings: Most traditional new year puddings are calorie-dense, such as sweetened festival cakes are loaded with sugar, and turnip cakes are made with fatty ingredients like preserved sausages and preserved meats. Whenever possible, consider homemade versions of these puddings using healthier ingredients or reducing the sugar content.

  • Choose healthier snacks: Traditional snacks found in the assorted snack box such as candies and chocolates are high in sugar and calories. Opt for healthier alternatives like dry-roasted seeds and nuts without added salt and sugar.

  • Refrain from fried treats: Crispy pastry dumplings, fried sesame balls and sesame cookies are often high in calories and fats. Indulge in fried treats judiciously.

  • Drink in moderation: Avoid excessive consumption of beer, soda, or fruit juice. Instead, go for water or tea.

In addition to dietary considerations, make good use of Blua Health's "Eat Green" and "Get Hydrated" features to ensure you're getting enough vegetables, fruits and water daily. Wishing you a healthy and joyful Year of the Dragon!

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