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Bupa4Life App

Bupa4Life App

Bupa4Life is a digital wellness tool that helps you better understand and achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

We make it easy for you to track your activity, whilst supporting and rewarding you with access to health and wellbeing related content, products and services.

4A functions


Know more about your physical and mental health in just 5 minutes

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Set action plans and health goals. Track your progress to take charge of your health

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Read health contents from experts and book into activities that help you be better

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Earn points to redeem various rewards for healthy and fruitful living

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  • Subscribers of Bupa individual insurance schemes are eligible to join Bupa4Life
  • Subscribers of Bupa corporate insurance schemes are welcome to discuss with your intermediary or business development managers for the eligibility to join Bupa4Life
  1. How do I join Bupa4Life?
    As an individual subscriber, you’ll be able to access Bupa4Life through the myBupa customer service portal and start earning points immediately.

    Subscribers of Bupa corporate insurance schemes are welcome to discuss with your intermediary or business development managers for the eligibility to join Bupa4Life.

  2. I’m a Bupa Global subscriber. Can I sign up for Bupa4Life?
    At this point, we’re offering Bupa4Life membership to all individual subscribers who have purchased our individual domestic health insurance schemes and certain group schemes. We will be looking into offering Bupa4Life to individuals holding our Bupa Global schemes at a later date. Currently Bupa Global subscribers cannot access the Bupa4Life application.

  3. What happens to my Bupa4Life membership when my Bupa (Asia) Limited insurance scheme has been terminated?
    Your Bupa4Life membership will remain valid as long as you are insured under a Bupa (Asia) Limited insurance scheme. If you’re not insured under a Bupa (Asia) Limited insurance scheme, your Bupa4Life membership will cease at the end of your Bupa4Life membership year.

  4. Can I apply for Bupa4Life membership for my children who are under age 16?
    No. Bupa4Life membership is only available to scheme subscribers and employees whose company is subscribing to an eligible Workplace Health Solution.

  5. Can I apply for Bupa4Life membership as well if I purchase a Bupa insurance scheme to insure my parents?
    Yes, you can apply for a Bupa4Life membership as the subscriber of an eligible insurance scheme. However, your parents cannot join Bupa4Life as a member of the scheme only.

  6. When does my Bupa4Life membership expire?
    The expiry date of your Bupa4Life membership is 12 months after registration. However, for members to continually earn and redeem points, the members need to have an in force scheme with Bupa (Asia) Limited. The insurance schemes that are eligible to earn points through Bupa4Life are as follows: individual domestic insurance schemes and certain group schemes. Bupa Global schemes are currently not eligible for Bupa4Life.

  7. Can I reactivate my Bupa4Life membership after cancellation? If so, how will my benefits be affected?
    Yes, however, all points will reset to zero. All previously accumulated points under your Bupa4Life membership will be reset to zero.

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