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Bupa Hero VHIS

Taking care of your physical and mental health

This VHIS flexi plan offers generous cover anywhere in Asia, Australia and New Zealand (see Remark 1). With full cover for eligible expenses up to HK$30 million per year and no lifetime benefit limit, it provides you with extraordinary cover that goes above and beyond (see Remark 2).

This plan provides enhanced benefits, medical check-up benefit, cashless treatment, optional benefits and more in addition to the basic benefits of the VHIS Standard Plan. To learn more, download our comparison of this plan and the MyBasic VHIS Plan (the Standard Plan)(PDF, 0.7 MB).

Advance Plan
Deluxe Plan



One year, renewable yearly for life

VHIS Certification Numbers

Applicable to new applications and plans renewed effective from 1 January 2021 onwards:

HK$0 Deductible
HK$12,000 Deductible
HK$40,000 Deductible
HK$80,000 Deductible


Not applicable to new applications and plans renewed effective from 1 January 2021 onwards:

HK$0 Deductible
HK$12,000 Deductible
HK$40,000 Deductible
HK$80,000 Deductible

10Life Rating(see Remark 18)

Bupa Hero VHIS Plan (Advance) has received 10 out of 10 marks from 10Life.
The Deluxe Plan is ranked as the No. 1 high-end VHIS product (private room).

10 life
10 life


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【Festive Offer】
Up to 53% off for family enrolment*
【Festive Offer】

Enjoy 30% off for Single Enrolment, and welcome discount up to 53% off for family members who enrol together*!

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*Terms and conditions apply.
Full cover for medical expenses
Expenses such as surgeon fees, intensive care, prescribed diagnostic imaging tests and prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments are covered in full up to your annual benefit limit (HK$25 million for Advance Plan and HK$30 million for Deluxe Plan) for treatments in Asia, Australia and New Zealand (see Remarks 1, 2).
Generous Protection for Cancer Treatment
With full cover for prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments, you don’t need to worry about medical bills adding up if you’re diagnosed with cancer. Treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy (including but not limited to proton therapy), targeted therapy, immunotherapy and more are fully covered up to your annual benefit limit so you can focus on recovery.
Mental health support
This plan is the first VHIS plan in Hong Kong to prioritise mental health, including full cover for inpatient psychiatric treatments across Asia, Australia and New Zealand, as well as a free 24-hour Mental Health Service Hotline which offers personalised emotional support and face-to-face counselling services (see Remarks 1, 3).
More affordable healthcare with deductible options
Choose from four deductible options to lower your premium: HK$0, HK$12,000, HK$40,000, HK$80,000. A deductible is the amount of eligible expenses that you must pay each year. Bupa will cover the remaining amount up to the benefit limit.

You can choose to lower or remove your deductible within 30 days before the renewal date without re-underwriting once at age 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 or 85. This provides more flexibility for budget planning after retirement.
Pre- and Post-confinement/Day Case Procedure Outpatient Care
Full cover for all related outpatient expenses within 30 days before or 90 days after confinement or day case procedure.
Outpatient Surgery in Hospitals and Clinics
With no minimum length of stay, surgeries performed in a clinic or day case unit of a hospital are also covered.
Cashless treatment
With your Bupa medical card, you can enjoy cashless treatment at designated private hospitals and Bupa HealthPlus appointed service providers (including diagnostic centres, specialist clinics, etc.) in Hong Kong. We’ll settle your eligible expenses directly with the hospital or service provider (subject to your pre-approved limit) (see Remarks 4-7).
Enhanced Cover Including Unknown Pre-existing Conditions
Your policy can cover unknown pre-existing conditions and congenital conditions with symptoms appearing or diagnosed after age 8, subject to a waiting period (see Remark 8). You can also choose cover for pre-existing conditions, subject to underwriting and an additional premium.
Guaranteed renewal
Bupa guarantees that your policy is renewable every year for life, regardless of any changes in your health after your policy is in effect (see Remark 9).
Eligible for tax deduction
This plan is certified as VHIS compliant. You can claim a tax deduction on qualifying premiums up to a limit of HK$8,000 per insured person each year (see Remark 10).
Medical Check-up Benefit (applicable to the Deluxe Plan only)
Receive a free comprehensive health assessment each year, starting from the second policy year, at one of our designated health screening centres in Hong Kong (for insured persons aged 18 or above). Or, choose your own provider and claim up to HK$4,000 for check-up services in Asia, Australia and New Zealand (see Remark 1).

For eligible expenses covered under the Certified Plan but incurred outside Asia, Australia and New Zealand, benefits shall be payable according to the VHIS Standard Plan Terms and Benefits.
This plan provides three optional benefits that you may choose to enjoy coverage across Asia, Australia and New Zealand (see Remarks 1, 11):
Clinical Benefit
Our Clinical Benefit is specially designed to include coverage for psychiatric-related treatments and psychological counselling, such as outpatient treatments for psychiatric, psychological, mental or behavioural conditions, senile dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease) and Parkinson’s disease. The Clinical Benefit also includes other items such as general practitioners, specialists, diagnostic imaging and laboratory tests, prescribed Western medication, physiotherapists, chiropractors, Chinese herbalists, Chinese bonesetters, etc.

If you’ve enrolled in the Clinical Benefit under the Advance Plan, you can also enjoy cashless treatment and full cover at network clinics and service providers (see Remark 19). What's more, you can enjoy video consultation services to consult our selected general practitioners through a video call comfortably and safely at home.
Dental and Optical Benefit
Includes dental treatments such as scaling and polishing, fillings and extractions, as well as optical expenses for consultation and one pair of glasses or contact lenses for optical correction per policy year (see Remark 12).
Maternity Benefit
Covers obstetrician's fees, hospitalisation charges, prenatal and postnatal check-up costs and nursery care for a newborn baby during hospital confinement.
This service is provided by Bupa's selected service providers and their team of qualified and experienced counsellors and clinical psychologists. Through the hotline, counsellors offer free emotional support and personalised advice. They can also arrange face-to-face counselling services with a clinical psychologist if needed (four times per Policy Year). Rest assured that all information provided will be kept in strict confidence (see Remark 3).

Health Coaching Services

Our health coaching services offer a variety of personal healthcare support delivered by a team of doctors, qualified nurses and health management professionals to minimise your worries (see Remark 13):

  • 24/7 Healthline

A team of qualified health management professionals will provide guidance on your health-related questions over the phone, with the support of doctors (see Remark 14).

  • Care Manager

Our Care Manager can be in touch with you to follow up on claims and assist you throughout treatment and recovery, from explaining your treatment plan and overseeing costs to arranging follow-up consultations. If you’re admitted to a local private hospital, our Care Manager will make a courtesy call or visit, with your consent.

  • Second medical opinion

We’ll arrange for you to get medical advice from a panel of medical specialists to clarify your doubts and make informed decisions about treatment.

  • Doctor referrals

We can recommend doctors for your specific condition or needs.

  • Chronic Conditions Programme

Offers lifestyle coaching and management, including personal phone calls to help you manage any chronic condition such as diabetes.

  • Non-emergency global healthcare support

If you plan to receive treatment overseas or need non-emergency medical services while travelling, we can help you find a doctor or make an appointment.

  • Appointment making

We can help to make appointments with your preferred healthcare service providers.

Free Bupa Worldwide Assistance Programme
With the Bupa Hero VHIS Plan, you’ll also receive our free worldwide assistance programme. It provides medical support and assistance if you need help while overseas or in mainland China (see Remark 15).
24/7 Customer Care Helpdesk
Available 24 hours every day, our Customer Service team will directly answer your policy-related questions (see Remark 16).
Other Features
  • Up to 15% lifetime family discount (see Remark 17)
  • No minimum length of hospital stay
  • No waiting period, cover starts immediately after your policy takes effect (except for unknown pre-existing conditions and congenital conditions with symptoms appearing or diagnosed after age 8, complications of pregnancy, Medical Check-up Benefit, certain dental items under Dental and Optical Benefit and Maternity Benefit)
  • No claims-based charges - Your premium will be based on your age only, no matter how many claims you've made.

All terms and benefits are subject to the Policy. Please refer to the Policy for details.
  1. Asia, Australia and New Zealand means Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, mainland China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.
  2. Please refer to the Summary of Benefits for the items eligible for full cover. Full cover is only applicable to covered expenses and subject to the annual benefit limit, deductible and restricted ward class set out in the Summary of Benefits.
  3. The 24-hour Mental Health Service Hotline is applicable to insured persons aged 18 or above. Insured persons aged below 18 must be accompanied by the Policy Holder or guardian to use this service. Terms and conditions apply.
  4. Cashless treatment is not applicable to items (k) and (l) listed under 1) Basic Benefits and items (c) – (i) listed under 2) Enhanced Benefits in the Summary of Benefits for the Certified Plan. Your medical card is not applicable to the day case unit of a local private hospital. You need to follow the required procedures and obtain pre-authorisation from Bupa to enjoy cashless treatment.
  5. Designated private hospitals for cashless treatment include Canossa Hospital (Caritas), Evangel Hospital, Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital - Stubbs Rd., Hong Kong Adventist Hospital - Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, Matilda International Hospital, Precious Blood Hospital (Caritas), St. Paul's Hospital, St. Teresa's Hospital and Union Hospital. This list is subject to change from time to time.
  6. Please log in to Bupa's customer service portal to view the latest list of Bupa HealthPlus appointed service providers. This list is subject to change from time to time.
  7. Bupa will directly pay your eligible medical expenses to the hospitals and service providers subject to the credit limit stated in your pre-authorisation letter and the benefit limit available under your Policy. You will need to reimburse Bupa for any ineligible medical expenses and selected deductible, if any.
  8. Unknown pre-existing conditions and congenital conditions with symptoms appearing or diagnosed after age 8 are covered subject to the waiting period and reimbursement percentage as follows:
    a. First policy year: no coverage
    b. Second policy year: 25% reimbursement
    c. Third policy year: 50% reimbursement
    d. Fourth policy year onwards: full coverage
  9. Bupa guarantees that your cover can be renewed every year for life, as long as you meet the requirements as stated in the renewal provisions of your policy terms and conditions.
  10. Any Hong Kong taxpayer who has purchased an eligible health insurance plan (certified by the Food and Health Bureau as VHIS) can claim a tax deduction on qualifying premiums up to HK$8,000 per insured person each year. The relationship between the taxpayer and the insured person must be included in the list of “specified relatives” in Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112). You can claim the deduction in the same tax year when the premium was paid. The deduction is available for certified plans, but not any other optional benefits, with policy effective date of 1 April 2019 or later. There is no limit on the number of insured persons and/or policies claimed by each taxpayer. Policies purchased for a domestic partner, grandchild(ren) or domestic partner’s parents/children are not eligible for tax deduction. For details about tax deduction, please visit
  11. Optional benefits are not part of the VHIS certified plan. The premiums paid are not eligible for claiming tax deduction and any family discount.
  12. Optional Dental Benefit is available for both Advance and Deluxe Plans. Optional Optical Benefit is only offered for Deluxe Plan.
  13. All Health Coaching Services are available for customers who select the Deluxe Plan. Those who select the Advance Plan can access all services except Non-emergency global healthcare support and Appointment making. The use of Health Coaching Services is free of charge but you may need to pay for services not covered under your Policy.
  14. Doctors will be available during scheduled office hours to support the nurses in answering enquiries. Office hours: Mon – Fri, from 9am to 6pm (Hong Kong time), except public holidays.
  15. The Free Bupa Worldwide Assistance Programme is not part of the VHIS Certified Plan. Please inform Bupa in writing if you don’t want to receive this free benefit.
  16. During office hours (9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays), we are pleased to answer all your enquires. Outside office hours, we can provide the following:
    a. Bupa appointed service providers,
    b. Your coverage details,
    c. Claims procedures and other administration procedures, and
    d. Claim forms.
  17. Family discount will be applied to the standard premium and premium loading of the certified plan only, but not any other optional benefits under the Bupa Hero VHIS Plan. The discount will be valid as long as the eligible family members are all covered under a Bupa Hero VHIS Plan at the same time.
  18. Insurance ratings are provided by 10Life ( for reference only. Bupa does not provide any compensation (such as commissions or referral fees) to 10Life for ratings or related insurance sales activities. 10Life insurance ratings do not take into account your personal goals, financial situation and needs. This information is for general educational and reference purposes only and does not constitute any recommendation to purchase insurance products. Consumers are advised to should go through the suitability assessment with a Bupa Health Management Consultant before applying for insurance that will suit their needs.
  19. Full cover for Clinical Benefit is applicable to the Advance Plan only. You must visit Bupa HealthPlus appointed service providers under the Network Benefit, subject to the maximum number of visits per policy year and the overall annual limit. Please refer to the Benefit Schedule for details.

Learn more on our About VHIS and All you need to know about VHIS pages.

You can contact the VHIS Office of the Food and Health Bureau at about:

•      VHIS product availability
•      Features of VHIS Certified Plans
•      Compliance with the Code of Practice 

Please contact the Insurance Authority about the conduct of insurance companies and intermediaries. Please contact the Inland Revenue Department with questions about tax deduction.

The above summary of our insurance products is for reference only. It is not, and does not form part of, a contract of insurance and is designed to provide an overview of the key features of these products.

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