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Learn about Medical Insurance with Bupa Leaders

Perspectives from Bupa Hong Kong’s General Manager – Andrew Merrilees

Incorporating mental health into our VHIS plan
Accompanying you through highs and lows

According to a survey conducted by The Chinese University of Hong Kong in July last year, the average mental health index was 46.41 points, while figures from the Hospital Authority also show that the waiting time for stable psychiatric cases in specialist outpatient clinics in public hospitals was 117 weeks. We are concerned that there is a growing demand for psychiatric treatment, but the insurance market in Hong Kong does not provide much coverage for mental illness.
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Don't underestimate the costs of cancer treatment
Choose the right protection and regain a healthy life

Cancer is the number one cause of death in Hong Kong. A report from the Department of Health shows that over 35 people have died of cancer every day in the past five years. By 2030, the number of new cancer cases is expected to increase to 42,000 per year, an increase of about 35%. Cancer treatment is a long process. In addition to the psychological impact, you may also need to deal with the financial burden it can create.
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Understand medical insurance coverage and benefits to ensure the best protection

Illness may not be as far away as you think, and comprehensive medical insurance can help you focus on treatment and rehabilitation without worrying about medical expenses. However, insurance claims are settled differently under different schemes. It’s important to understand the details of the protection, claims and benefit limits before buying an insurance scheme to make sure you get the best coverage.
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Provide comprehensive protection for your loved ones and enjoy a tax deduction

Since the launch of the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) in April 2019, I think most Hong Kong people know that these insurance premiums can be claimed as a tax deduction. However, many people mistakenly think that the deduction only applies to insurance they purchase for themselves. In fact, you can claim a tax deduction for every eligible plan you purchase for your “specified relatives”, including your spouse, children and parents. You’ll receive a proof of premium payment from your insurer by the end of April showing the amount of qualifying premiums you can claim as a tax deduction. Please remember to make sure your insurance plan is approved by the government if you want to enjoy a tax deduction under VHIS.
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Bupa's Health Coaching Services
Healthcare professionals always here to support you along the way

It's natural to be worried when your loved one is sick. Apart from taking care of the patient's daily needs, relatives will also seek out relevant healthcare advice. However, each patient’s situation is different. Instead of looking for advice from friends or on the internet, it's better to consult a professional directly. Bupa's Health Coaching Services has been providing professional medical advice for 6 years. So far, we've offered our support to more than 120,000 members every year.
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Connecting to total health and wellness with Bupa4Life

In addition to many uses for communication, your mobile phone can now become your personal health coach too. Bupa Hong Kong has launched a new wellness app Bupa4Life that helps customers understand their health condition, achieve wellbeing goals and access health and wellbeing related content, products and services to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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How to support growing needs around mental wellness in the workplace

The global coronavirus pandemic has presented an unprecedented challenge to work and personal life. According to a Bupa mental health survey, half of the respondents have experienced symptoms of anxiety or depression amid the coronavirus outbreak. Middle management, in particular, are bearing heavy burdens as they struggle with multiple responsibilities at work and at home. The study also revealed existing gaps between employee expectations and mental health support provided by companies. As the leading health insurance specialist, Bupa has launched the Supporting Healthier Minds Programme to relieve pressure for both employers and employees.
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Your all-in-one insurance and health services online platform

Technology is changing rapidly, and people can manage many things easily with just a smartphone. To provide more convenient services and experiences for our customers, Bupa continues to improve our customer service portal myBupa by adding more features and functions, enabling customers to access information and manage their policies easily.
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Perspectives from Bupa Hong Kong’s Medical Director– SiNing Zhao

Video consultation services
Protect your health at all times

Many people have tried not to go out unnecessarily due to the current epidemic situation. In adjusting to the “new normal”, most Hong Kongers have had to make changes to their daily lives. While maintaining social distancing, video consultations are a more convenient, safer way for patients to access medical services.
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Increasing popularity of day case procedures
Hospitalisation isn’t required for more flexible treatment

There’s increasing pressure on specialist outpatient clinics in Hong Kong'' public health care system, and the waiting time for some specialist surgeries is more than a year. In order to focus resources on the epidemic over the past 6 months, many non-emergency surgeries were delayed, which further extended waiting times. However, you can also choose to receive some minor surgeries at a day case centre.
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One-stop approach to treat musculoskeletal disorders in the Bupa WAY

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, more people are working from home in Hong Kong. However, the working environment and equipment you have at home may not be as ideal as in the workplace. Poor posture can result in musculoskeletal pain. And musculoskeletal issues don’t only affect the elderly. A survey found that over 40% of respondents in their 30s had experienced musculoskeletal problems, which shows an increasing number of young people are suffering from these conditions. Bupa has introduced the Walking Along with You (WAY) programme for musculoskeletal pain treatment to help customers face these problems and manage their pain.
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